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personal development

Only the Uncertain Choose To Judge and Compare

When we commit to our personal development and take responsibility for our life choices I can guarantee sooner rather than later judgement and comparisons will raise their ugly heads and bring our progress to a temporary halt. It’s like we just get started and move in the right direction and then slam the brakes on […] Read more

What is Reiki and How it Helps in Personal Development?

Reiki for years has been used as a healing practice, but what about a regular person who is looking for self-development? Self-development can be in many aspects. In my last blog, I shared some amazing facts about how a human brain is dominated by one or two of four thinking modes which include analytical, sequential, […] Read more

Mastery requires clarity before skills can develop

Phillip Hawkins Reiki Personal Development Medicinal ‘’Pick n Mix’’ Take two twice daily until your condition improves Mastery requires clarity before skills can develop Saying No is always an option. Sometimes it becomes a necessity The key to repetition is to keep doing it The key to success is to know what to start, and […] Read more

A Holistic Approach To Self Development

We are living in exciting yet turbulent times; subtle yet profound changes are taking place in society and the world as a whole. People are becoming more and more dissatisfied with their quality of life and are looking for new and different ways to deal with the stress related problems of the twenty-first century. We […] Read more

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Reiki is the ultimate in personal development

Change is inevitable but personal development requires a conscious choice to be made which is only possible when we come to understand options are available to us. This realisation is a life-changing event in itself and opens the door to further personal development. One of the main underlying principles of Reiki that many choose to […] Read more

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