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Reiki Treatment Adjustment for Elderly

Normally, in a Reiki treatment, we adopt the techniques suited to the patient/client needs and condition and then we pass the energy to the patient/client. Generally, after activating hands we perform the scan, smooth the Aura, make our invocations (if this is our normal procedure), ground ourselves as well as client (it is highly recommended) […] Read more


Energize Your House using Reiki

Energize Your House by Reiki

Did you know that we feel very disturbed or irritated at our home or at our work due to lower vibration or negative energy around us? Yes, it’s true! The energy around us has an impact on our mood. Some people will even carry negative energy inside the house when they come from outside. Because […] Read more

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"I AM Enough": Archangel Michael Speaks

Dear Ones, The collective consciousness on Earth holds the dense frequencies of discrimination, superiority and inferiority. On the outside, many souls put up a show of ‘doing just fine’ while within themselves rages a fire called ‘I am not enough.’ Every culture ascribes its own meaning to what is ‘enough’ or ‘good enough.’ If a […] Read more


Healing Toxicity from Others

Healing Toxicity from Others

The journey with Reiki makes a lot of us much more sensitive – the environment, to people around us, and more often than not, to the energy surrounding us. This makes it quite difficult for a lot of people because we can now sense negativity or negative intentions even when people are polite and pretending […] Read more

Weaning Children Off of Electronic Media

The dangers of letting children use electronic media are numerous. Not only do they make children addicts and prevent children from developing healthy coping patterns, but they also impair creativity, learning ability, and cognitive functioning, desensitize the children to violence and create behavioral problems. Having said all that, I’ve found many parents struggling with weaning […] Read more

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