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mikao usui

Aura Scanning with Cho Ku Rei

Healing could be more effective if the most important part scanning of aura, the subtle layers of our body could be done at first, and I am sure we all do practice it, so here I would love to introduce a technique that is easy and subtle as our aura and chakra system is. I […] Read More


Is Meditation Important?

Is Meditation Important

Meditation is not often taught as an important factor in modern Reiki practice. However, it was part of the original method of Reiki and was very important to the way that practitioners developed in their practice. Meditation also played a critical role in Mikao Usui’s growth and development. He had practiced meditation and Qigong, a […] Read More


The Sacredness of a Reiki Space

The Sacredness of a Reiki Space

Personally I consider my Reiki room as a sacred space and prepare it accordingly. Reiki for me is, in a broad sense, not only a Life Force Energy but also a Life Giving Energy, as it brings Life to our life. Reiki not only helps us to solve or overcome our health problems but also […] Read More

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Three Easy Questions to Forgive Yourself

Let’s face it: we are far from perfect. We have hurt other people in the past, and we have probably hurt animals too. Surely, we have hurt ourselves at some point. Healers know instinctively that it is very important to forgive ourselves for the harm we have done to ourselves and to other beings. However, […] Read More

Distant Attunements in Reiki - Never

Those who practice Reiki know that distant healing is a reality so, distant attunements should also be a reality and, in fact they are. Those with the Master/Teacher Level know that we can attune others using the distance symbol, the problem, for me, is the attitude involved. The way I think and feel about Reiki, […] Read More

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