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Pushing the Boundaries

Article by Ann Singleton

Reiki and it’s frequent use can certainly be a huge catalyst for change within many; the more we use it not just on ourselves but on others the more it helps and enables our own development. I have experienced many significant spiritual changes on my own unique path.

When I became a teacher of Reiki in 2016 I wanted to help guide and enable students to unlock their own limiting boundaries and patterns of behaviour. I want students to become true, authentic practitioners who are not scared of pushing their own boundaries, and within that empowerment comes a knowing that they can truly help and inspire those that seek them out for Reiki treatments. Empowering of self and understanding of our own truth is so important so that healing can take place from within, the more it will benefit the true authenticity of the Reiki that we channel. As we are all one and connected then surely that will also have an amazing affect upon the universal energy as it flows, and benefits the world around us.

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Mikao Usui was very much all about listening to the inner guidance, trusting and using our intuitive skills, he was a learned and well travelled man, who sought truth out. He was interested in a wide variety of subjects, learnt different languages, had an interest in the tarot and esoteric knowledge.

When constructing my own Reiki manuals, I felt the need to add my own interpretations in addition to how Dr. Usui taught, offering both the traditional handed down viewpoint and my own if they wish to add anything to their practices. I wanted students to utilise and push the boundaries of what is perceived to work within Reiki teachings, and to question and challenge themselves. This is how we learn by pushing forwards and upwards vibrationally.

Pushing the Boundaries

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I looked at the ‘Three Pillars of Reiki’ that Dr. Usui taught to students, they are:-

    • Gassho – Means hands coming together

    • Reiji Ho – Indication of Reiki power

    • Chiryo – Treatment

These were taught along with the Reiki precepts as codes of conduct for the students to live by. Their aim as I understand it was to develop their own intuitive skills and their connection to the Reiki energy, therefore helping the people they treated by becoming a purer channel. Dr. Usui was a great believer in meditation and being able to link that with the flow of Reiki to feel a higher resonance with it and therefore become at one with it. Literally become Reiki.

Here is an extract from my Reiki 1 manual about how to use the first pillar of Reiki ~ Gassho ~

Translated this means hands coming together, this is what Dr. Usui taught his students. It was to be practised each time at the beginning of the Reiki workshops, 20- 30 minutes after getting up and just before going to bed. It can be done individually or within a group setting.

  • Sit with eyes closed, bringing your hands together as in a praying position, in front of your chest. Focus your whole attention just on the point that your middle two fingers meet. Any thoughts that creep in as they will do, simply observe them and let them leave, don’t engage.
  • You may observe different sensations, extreme warmth in the hands, running up your spinal column, different experiences will come and go.
  • If you become uncomfortable, then change position but do so in slow motion, so as not to disturb the energy that is building up within.
  • Try and hold the meditation for 20 minutes, you can build up to it gradually.

I explored this further to use with not just students but also with clients, a simple technique they could use to focus their attention simply on the energy that meets with the two middle fingertips and combining that with soft focused breathing, it worked and they loved it. Once the energy was flowing I encourage them to just let the hands rest on their lap but still with the middle two fingertips connected. It helped them use the fingertips as an anchor to let the random thoughts calm down, it also helped them to sense and feel their energetic connection between the two halves of the body and brain, feeling the flow, and welcoming that energetic exchange that very often we all take for granted or simply don’t notice.

During this process we become at one with the energy of Reiki, it flows throughout us with direction as we simply become the energy. This brought me to an understanding that whilst we are within this state and our thoughts have got out of the way, so to speak, we could begin to tune into the clients energy just before a treatment takes place. I know many of us have a sense of knowing about what a client may need from the session, but this method feels more direct, yes we can use the symbols to transcend time and space, but surely as we all connected and the highest intention is there, we can direct and trust our intention to bring back what information we need, to help gain a better understanding of how the treatment needs to proceed to be the best you can be and help and enable the client to embrace that healing fully within.

My students love this method of simply connecting with the client, it has helped many of them build their own intuitive skills and enabled their own development in the process. I would urge any of you practicing Reiki at any level, if you are not already trying this, please do so and reap the benefits for not just your own development, but for the purest Reiki flow you can channel for your clients within your practice.

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Ann Singleton

Ann Singleton

Ann Singleton is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and teaches all levels of Reiki including; The Reiki Professional Practitioner Diploma (Level 1 & 2) verified by the UK Reiki Federation and Complimentary Natural Healthcare Counsel. She is committed to deliver the benefits of Reiki to the community and along with students offers tasters to hospitals, schools, carers organisations, etc.
Also, a meditation teacher, specialising in creating her own unique guided meditations enabling spiritual growth and healing. Qualified in Reflexology and Indian Head Massage, enables the combined use of these modalities to bring holistic wellness.
Ann is also a spiritual teacher, writer, and artist in the awakening community, channelling knowledge and paintings to connect people to their paths. Trance mediumship readings are now coming to the fore within Anns’ work, all of which are brought into developing her work to help others in unique ways.
Ann runs regular Reiki seminars, online meditation courses and monthly Reiki shares in her own community and can be contacted via annsingletonreikimaster.co.uk or on email contactannsingleton.gmail.com or facebook: facebook.com/annreikimasterteacher

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