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Many Paths for Healing

Many Paths for Healing

We Reiki practitioners love Reiki! Of course, Reiki is a wonderful tool to help you feel well and stay healthy, body, mind and spirit. If we allow it to, Reiki will open us up so we begin to see the many ways that we can feel well and live fuller lives. It clears the debris […] Read more

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Send Reiki permission

Were you taught in your Reiki courses the importance of asking permission to give or send Reiki? This article has come about, because of a comment from a subscriber to Reiki-Rays, after my “When your client doesn’t feel the energy” article was published. She writes: “I found this article very interesting. After a recent massage the therapist […] Read more

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As a Reiki Master and bodyworker I have always been told by my clients during massage treatments that my hands feel very hot and that they can feel a healing warmth and tingling sensations when I touched them, even when I was not deliberately channelling Reiki in the treatments. So I have always been aware […] Read more


Reiki and massage and often practiced together. In fact, massage therapists who’ve taken Reiki attunements often report that the flow of energy just turns on by itself while they treat their clients. Here are some similarities between the two techniques: They complement each other very well. They both have a relaxing effect. Many times they […] Read more

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