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Working with Reiki through Time and Space

Reiki works through intention. When we set the intention to connect with a particular person, place, situation or time in order to send healing or to bring balance, Reiki begins to flow. It is as if we have set a dial to a frequency that opens the channel, asking Reiki to flow to a particular […] Read more


Hands-On Chakra Balancing

Hands-On Chakra Balancing

All our chakras generally are of different sizes and energy levels based on the way we nourish them. Our chakras can be overactive, underactive or even blocked. Hence it becomes important to balance all the chakras so that they work in synchronicity with each other. The benefits derived from balancing the chakras cannot be underestimated. […] Read more

Allowing Reiki to Open Your Path

Fear can really get the better of us. It will close our hearts and our minds, making it impossible for us to trust the Divine or have faith in our own hearts. Being stuck in fear will cause us to keep choosing something that we know doesn’t work simply because we are more afraid of […] Read more

Can the Flow of Reiki Be Restricted

Reiki is Life Force Energy and as such, it is always available to us to one degree or another, even if we are not aware of it. Once we begin on our healing path, we become aware of this Energy and invite it to work in us and to open us up to it even […] Read more


Self-Healing Reiki Meditation

Self-Healing Reiki Meditation

In addition to doing daily self-Reiki, doing Reiki meditations can be a very useful practice. It can give our healing a boost, help us tune in more deeply with Reiki, learning how it moves through us and is working with our bodies and energy systems. I have come to have a fuller understanding of how […] Read more

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