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Ten Signs from the Angels

Ten Signs from the Angels

All forms of energy healing share a connection in ways that are not always obvious. The energy of the angelic realm compliments the energy of Reiki. The angels are pure energy forms of love and light. They love connecting with Reiki healers. It usually happens that the angels come looking for us first rather than […] Read more

FEAR: Facilitate Everything Always using Reiki ~ A New Paradigm

Article by Kathi Rancourt, RN (Reiki Nurse) A very thoughtful and poignant post about fear on my daughter’s social site page one morning catapulted me into considering my own inbred fears, and how I’ve overcome so many of those fears in my short Lifetime. Fear is not a stranger to anyone on this planet, and […] Read more


Connecting with Your Guides

Connecting With Your Guides

Long before I first heard of Reiki, I was aware of guides in my life. I had been aware of guides and spirits since my earliest childhood memories. However, I found early on that most people either were not aware of their own guides or were not comfortable talking about them, so I learned to […] Read more


How many of us have had the experience of absurd things happening in our lives after a Reiki attunement? The 21 days cleansing is a chaotic crazy time for most of us. While it gets rid of unwanted stuff from our lives, it also brings in gifts that are so needed to become a good […] Read more