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Reiki: A Powerful, Healing Light

Reiki: A Powerful, Healing Light

Shortly after the presidential elections in the United States in November 2016, I posted an article related to the darkness that we are experiencing globally at this time. The Light is exposing so much and it’s happening so quickly that it seems every, single day there is a shooting, an uproar, a protest or some […] Read more

21 Things Any Reiki Practitioner Should be Grateful For

As you probably know, a month ago we launched a new Facebook group called Reiki Rays Community Group where we go deeper into our healing journey. This group is creating a safe place and compassionate healing environment for all of us to live Reiki and share it with other practitioners around the world. During one […] Read more


Some of you may have read recently the trauma and ostracisation I went through, from a group of Reiki Masters in my local area. Where I overhead them talking about me and using the Reiki symbols to keep me from attending my Naturopathic appointments (who is also a Reiki Master) as well as not including me […] Read more


Some of you may have been following my articles and if that’s the case you will have read a story about a fall out with one Reiki Master, in my home town in 2013, which has had a cascading affect with her talking to her own Reiki Master who we’ll call Jane (the one who […] Read more


Reiki healing is the best practice for holistically treating a person. The process is effective as it integrates the healing modality of a person. This practice has proven to give best results and treatments to get positive conclusion for your all mind or physical related problems. Reiki treatment is not so old and was initiated […] Read more

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