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Reiki: A Powerful, Healing Light

Article by Reiki Nurse

Shortly after the presidential elections in the United States in November 2016, I posted an article related to the darkness that we are experiencing globally at this time. The Light is exposing so much and it’s happening so quickly that it seems every, single day there is a shooting, an uproar, a protest or some other form of madness. Currently, there is so much unease and unrest in our global community that it’s spilling over into individual’s lives and it is affecting our entire race ~ Humanity.

For that very reason, since November 2017 when I was attuned to my second Reiki Master in the Holy Fire™ tradition, I began using a specific HFR symbol ~ particularly the RAMA glyph ~ in every situation globally & domestic. As I’ve explained in many ways and in various articles, Reiki’s gentle, healing energy is supreme in helping calm the wildest beast, the most hateful heart, the most vengeful Soul. Reiki is a most powerful healing light that shines its essence deep into any chaotic situation and brings a sense of calm, peace & serenity to the situation. I even send this lovely healing light to people with whom I’ve shared periods of my Life in this and in previous incarnations, as well as into the future with the Distant Symbol (HSZSN).

Reiki: A Powerful, Healing Light

This is a crucial moment in the history of Gaia, and I believe we ALL have chosen to be here at this time and at this very place, to help heal humanity and its collective insanity. Our brothers and sisters are in dire need of help and assistance to transition to the higher realms, the 5-dimensional space in which all is viewed with ease and clarity, without the pollution of toxic mind that blemishes the human spirit time and again. We are all on various spiritual paths, but I feel it is the healers ~ the Lightworkers like you ~ who need to gain more clarity and become more astute, aware and responsible for healing the planet and all of humanity.

As a Reiki Master (in more than one tradition), I have taken on the responsibility of healing not only my own Soul but my family’s Souls as well. I realize that humanity requires healing, and it’s my responsibility as a Reiki Master to assist in the transition from sleeping Souls to Awakened Spirits. Whatever we do individually affects the Whole, the collective. We must realize this as we move forward in our daily lives. We mustn’t forget that we are here at this very moment in time to help heal others and guide them onto their own individual paths. They needn’t depend on us for their healing ~ but we are responsible to teach them how to find their own power, their own strength, and their own guides/avatars so that they can continue along the continuum on their own.

Sending Reiki Healing out to all of you who are reading this article this morning. May your day and week be filled with Love, Peace, Joy & Many Bright Reiki Blessings!

Peace, Love & Light to all ~ Reiki Nurse

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Reiki NurseReiki Nurse is a Registered Nurse, who is also certified in Usui Rhoyo Reiki and more recently in Karuna Holy Fire® Reiki as a Master Teacher. Reiki Nurse holds a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a professional license as a Massage Therapist. Reiki discovered her gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience as a young child, and has also studied various forms of divination throughout this incarnation. Reiki Nurse grew up in New England, U.S.A., and currently resides in South Florida for the last 16 years with her Toy Poodle, Kody. Her first book “Family Sin: How Reiki Helped Heal My Life” was published in February 2018. Reiki Nurse can be reached via Facebook: www.facebook.com/familysinbook, website: www.kathirancourt.com, or blog: www.nurseswithreiki.blogspot.com.

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  • EL November 11, 2018, 6:56 am

    Your post inspired the following, “We can only be Present in our own awakening, to inspire others to awaken themselves!” The guide (or for some “teacher”) that inspired me the most stated (paraphrasing), “It is not up to me to show you the way… I can only share with you what has worked for me, and you will have to chose how to use that information to best; utilize, change, update or throw out completely for yourself… I am human as you are, so my path of discovery is the same as yours… The only difference between us, is our life paths and how open we choose to be guided by the inner innate (or inborn) truth that lies within us all… So I don’t have all the answers! It is up to you to discover what is best for you and open to it… Ignite your light and shine!”\ Whatever tools we learn and utilize to help, more often needs to be towards ourselves, releasing what doesn’t work and opening to what does… We can inspire others, but it is up to the individual to awaken! Namaste…

    • Reiki Nurse November 12, 2018, 6:23 pm

      Precisely! We can show others the way, the path (or several paths) but one’s Journey is an individual choice ~ and hopefully, our loved ones will choose their path carefully.
      Thank you for sharing!

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