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The Journey of “The Chariot” – Major Arcana VIII

Card Symbology: The Chariot card depicts a warrior riding a chariot. The warrior’s armour has crescent moons on it and he wears a tunic with symbols of alchemy on it. The warrior sits underneath a blue canopy which is adorned by stars. The chariot is powered by two sphinxes, one black and the other white […] Read more

Weight Watch with Reiki During Festive Season

From October 10 festive season begins in India with Navratri followed by Dussehra and then Diwali in November. It is the time when people dress well, look good and also eat really good rich food. Then those jalebis consumed during dussehra and gujhiyas, ladoos and other sweetmeats show up on your waistline. Such festive times […] Read more

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Deprogramming Technique

Deprogramming Technique

This technique enables us to “deprogram” the ways of seeing and think, the erroneous affirmations and false behaviors. When using this technique you should explain clearly to the client what you are going to do and the affirmations you are going to use. We use an affirmative sentence, formulated in the present (for instance: “….(name […] Read more

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Life Lessons in Reiki Practice

Life Lessons in Reiki

Anyone who has practiced for more than a few months will affirm they have already learned many important life lessons. The longer one practices this beautiful energy healing modality, the more one learns! While each person’s experience is unique, there are some lessons learned that are common to many. Let’s look at some of these: […] Read more

Reiki, Solar Plexus Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

The six chakras are the six subtle sub-centre of psychic energy, as all of six centres are positioned in the Sushumna Nadi known as Hridya along the spine that remains dormant; and can be enlivened by aspirant through the practice of Reiki and yogic techniques with full devotion. Each of the energy centres has a […] Read more

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