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Reiki, Solar Plexus Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

The six chakras are the six subtle sub-centre of psychic energy, as all of six centres are positioned in the Sushumna Nadi known as Hridya along the spine that remains dormant; and can be enlivened by aspirant through the practice of Reiki and yogic techniques with full devotion. Each of the energy centres has a […] Read more


Reiki: A Pathway to our Soul

Reiki: A pathway to our Soul

Article by Tracey Matthews Our connection to Universal energy is what nourishes and restores us and that’s why we function better when we heal. However, this connection also leads us to our Soul purpose where we can experience another aspect of vital force energy by unlocking our true soul level potential. The Akashic Records are life […] Read more


Reiki and Inner Self

Reiki and Innerself

My Reiki teacher always told me that Reiki will get me more aligned with my inner intuition. I always found it very intriguing. I was not really following my intuition or gut feeling in my early 20’s. Now I do. Rather I always try to. Ever since I started practising Reiki, I feel more aligned […] Read more

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Salutation to Sun and Reiki

Salutation To Sun And Reiki

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you. How very true! Sun has the power to create as well as erase the shadows. Sun is the epitome of divineness. Salutation to Sun, also known as Surya Namaskar, is said to have its origin in India. In India, sun is worshipped as […] Read more

The relationship Insecurity shares with our chakras

When we are dealing with any physical or mental ailment, we know it does not affect just one chakra, but also affects two or more chakras if not more than that. This inter relationship between the chakras has always fascinated me. It gets all the more interesting because there is so much to learn and […] Read more

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