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Color Teraphy and Archangels

Colour Therapy and Archangels – Part 1 In this part, I am going to make also a meditation with the colours and the Archangels. BLUE It is the colour of depth and assertive expression, and it has a wonderful tranquilizing effect. It helps to feel kindness and fluent communication (with light blue), detachment, calmness, unity […] Read more

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Archangels and the Chakras

Archangels Chakras

There are seven major chakras within our energetic bodies, and as Reiki practitioners, it is helpful to learn about the chakras. As we practice Reiki more and more, we can receive impressions about our clients’ energy patterns. We may intuit where the energy is depleted, abundant, or blocked. We know where to keep our hands […] Read more


All You Can Do on Full Moon

All you can do on full moon

There are umpteen of articles to read and umpteen of rituals to do during Full Moon and New Moon. It becomes extremely confusing when you read so many ritual methods, what to do and what not to. Here I am giving basics of Full Moon rituals, things you can do if you have no particular […] Read more

Motherhood. Reiki,Crystals and Archangels

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” (Robert Browning) Mankind has always reflected on the ambrosial bond that exists between a mother and a child. The gift of motherhood …. the first time when I held my bundle of joy in my hand, the surge of emotions had been simply divine, inexplicable and incredible. I […] Read more

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