Archangels and the Chakras


Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

There are seven major chakras within our energetic bodies, and as Reiki practitioners, it is helpful to learn about the chakras. As we practice Reiki more and more, we can receive impressions about our clients’ energy patterns. We may intuit where the energy is depleted, abundant, or blocked. We know where to keep our hands longer, or when it is time to move our hand positions closer to another chakra.

We also learn other methods for building energies in each chakra. There are gems and stones associated with each chakra; colors; tones and chants; yoga poses – the list goes on. There are Archangels associated with each of the chakras too. As my third eye chakra grew in sensitivity, and I started to “see” spiritual beings for my clients, I noticed the same Archangel appeared when clients were dealing with issues associated with a certain chakra. So, I did some research and found out many other Reiki practitioners and energy workers were having similar experiences.

The angels are not unlike us, as energies and characteristics are unique to that particular angel. For example, a person may be characterized as being very generous and giving. This does not mean that person is weak in other characteristics, such as strength or intellect. But, the generosity of their spirit is especially strong. The angels are similar; some are recognized for healing, while others are more connected to authentic power, or to nature. Each angel demonstrates some aspect of the Divine; all Archangels and angels love unconditionally.

Archangels Chakras

Many religions believe there are different hierarchies of angels, and the Archangels are among the highest level of angels. The phrase “archi” means “first, principle, or chief”; and the phrase “angelos” refers to “messenger of God.” Archangels are often the primary messengers between God and people on earth, and they are very powerful.

As friendships grow and develop, certain things have to happen. Each person shares information, accepts the other’s strengths and vulnerabilities – there is a familiarity and acceptance that is comfortable and giving. We can become friends with the Archangels too. The more we learn about each specific one, and the more familiar they become, it becomes easier to communicate with them.

As we learn about the characteristics of each one, and they work alongside us during a Reiki session, we will be able to intuit the messages they have for the client. Because each of us have unique intuitive abilities, their forms of communication can be different for each of us. If you have clairvoyant abilities, you may see the angels in your third eye vision. Or, if you are clairaudient, you may hear a voice. And, the clairsentient practitioners will have a sense of knowing what the messages are.

This article is the beginning of a series examining each of the seven major chakras and the associated Archangel. Please consider this opportunity to work with a special group of spiritual beings. The lives of your clients – and your own life – will be forever changed.

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Deborah Lloyd
Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master and certified holistic therapy practitioner, providing Reiki sessions and training in Asheville, NC. Deborah is the author of two books, 22 Messages from the Archangels; and, Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. She is also one of the co-authors of Reiki 101: 101 Answers for Your Reiki Questions. Reach Deborah at, and at Deb Lloyd Healing on Facebook (


  1. Linda,

    Thank you for your kind words. It is so exciting to share information about these special spirit beings. We can develop strong relationships with the Archangels and angels.

    Many blessings to you,

  2. Thanks for article.Please tell me one thing. Sorry for my ignorance… There are many religions exists in world.. So for example how does the Arch angel concept are defined in Hinduism and in reiki practices ? I see only western practitioners are more discussing about angels and arch angels.

  3. Dear Linda and Srihari,

    Linda, I am sorry for this delay, but did not see your posting until today….if you go to my photo on the home page and click it, you will see all my articles listed there.

    Srihari, I am not an expert on Hinduism, but I did some googling and found that many Hindus believe in angels and other spirits. So, please explore and see what you find!

    Blessings to both of you,

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