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March 2018

Reiki and Prayer Beads

Isn’t it fascinating how the major world religions embrace the use of prayer beads? Faith traditions, including Catholicism and some other Christian faiths, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and others, have some form of prayer beads. The beads themselves can be made from actual beads, shells, glass, wood, stones and even knots on a rope. Usually, beads […] Read more

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Be Reiki

We all are connected to the all-knowing, supreme energy of the Universe, called Universal life force energy. Therefore, we are in sync with Reiki, which has omnipresent wisdom even though we may not be aware. The day we get empowered as Reiki channels, we become more aware of Reiki’s omnipresence. Thus, we are able to […] Read more

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Article by Jennifer Scott There is nothing easy about losing a loved one. Hearing the news from afar can be even more devastating when coping with the newly-formed absence in your life. In tough times like these, you may struggle to find the best path forward and make decisions that are best for you and […] Read more

Coping Strategies { 0 comments }

Our mind is a beautiful place. It stores memories and experiences we feel, live, or see in our day-to-day life. However, did you know that there are three divisions in our mind, which helps in categorizing memories and experiences? They are called: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Each of them represents different purpose that can be […] Read more

Reiki Your Subconscious and Unconscious Mind { 3 comments }

I remember, after my first Reiki session I had received certain insights from the practitioner, and I was stunned at the intuitive accuracy. Now, after years of practice, I know that everyone can be intuitive – given that they want to be intuitive and actually put in the effort for it. As one progresses in […] Read more

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