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Reiki Your Subconscious and Unconscious Mind

Article by Nikita Dudani

Our mind is a beautiful place. It stores memories and experiences we feel, live, or see in our day-to-day life. However, did you know that there are three divisions in our mind, which helps in categorizing memories and experiences?

They are called: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Each of them represents different purpose that can be described as:

Conscious: It is a division, which is active most of the time and works on logic, ideas, and reasons. It helps in achieving tasks we are required to do in office and at home. Whatever we see or experience gets stored here if, it has some logic behind it.

Subconscious: This division stores the memories or experiences that may not require our attention in that moment. However, if I have to retrieve information from this division, I can by putting in some efforts. It takes in the information after processing it. For example, if someone asks me what did I do last weekend? I may be able to give me a gist but to explain in detail, I will have to put in efforts and retrieve information from the subconscious division.

Unconscious: This division of our mind is the most vulnerable yet powerful one. It stores all the information without filtering or verifying it. Negative or positive: unconscious mind takes everything as it comes. Therefore, it is very important to provide correct information as well. Our unconscious mind has many healing abilities, if given right affirmations and healing, it can do wonders.

Reiki Your Subconscious and Unconscious Mind

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Why am I explaining this?

Because today I am going to share a personal experience that has helped me a lot to bring positivity and experience circumstances as I want. It all started with learning the above-mentioned concepts in my psychology classes. I was amazed to know how our mind functions.

I clubbed my learning in psychology and Reiki to create wonderful experiences for myself. I started providing Reiki to my subconscious and unconscious mind for 15 days and started experiencing miracles. It helped me eradicated negative talk with myself and to raise confidence and acceptance within me for myself as well as others.

  • Step 1: Cleanse the space where you want to do this process. Next, sit or lie in a comfortable position.
  • Step 2: Take deep breaths to calm your senses and body. Let your soul and body connect with one another. (Ideally to be done for 5 minutes. If you experience any discomfort, feel till it leaves. Do not stop in between.)
  • Step 3: Connect with your subconscious and unconscious mind using HSZSN. Set an intention: “I pray to Reiki to help me eradicate negative influences from my subconscious and unconscious mind.”
  • Step 4: Now, see yourself and your subconscious and unconscious mind filled with White or Golden light that helps in removing any block or unwanted influences. Use SHK symbol to complete this process. Use CKR symbol to balance the flow of Reiki.
  • Step 5: Continue this process until you see yourself and your mind complete filled with positive white or golden light. Once you see it has healed you, stop Reiki process. Thank your angels and Reiki to let you complete this process.

Note: During this process, you may feel a sudden rush in your negative feelings. Do not stop yourself from feeling any kind of emotions. If you feel the need to cry or shout, do that.


  • Continue to do this process for 15-20 days so it heals your mind.
  • With it, you can write yourself positive affirmations and chant them as well.
  • Keep yourself hydrated during this process.
  • Whatever you feel during this time, make it a habit to write it so you can refer it and include it in your next sitting.
  • Try changing the dialogues that go in your mind from negative to positive.

By end of this process, I am sure you will feel the difference. You can share your experience with me in the comment section below.

||Hare Krishna||

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Nikita Dudani
Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani is a Reiki Practitioner & Therapist residing in Ahmedabad, where she touches many people’s lives through Reiki & intuition. She practices in-person healing and distance healing. She is also a Tarot Card Reader and an Intuitive. Reach out to me at www.facebook.com/aakrutitarotandreikicentre/

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  • Sunpreet March 27, 2018, 8:38 am

    Hi thanku for the details.
    just need to know that can we do this process for someone else also by connecting with that person by HSZSN.

    • Prashasti Patel March 31, 2018, 6:14 pm

      Yes you can if you have learned 2nd degree of reiki , you can heal other person. ☺

  • Prashasti Patel March 31, 2018, 6:16 pm

    Great share Nikita. Why for just 15 days . We have to continue cleaning of our mind at regular intervals.

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