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Distant Group Healing Sessions with Reiki

Article by Johannes Verheijden, Reiki Master

The wonderful thing about Reiki is that you can do group healing sessions from a distance. It is not necessary to work hands on, you do not need a table; neither you, nor your clients need to travel and you can reach an x-number of people at the same time. From the moment you have attained your Reiki II level, you will be able to send Reiki from a distance and so, be able to send Reiki to a group of people.

Now, there are many different ways to give distant healings to a group and I will describe a few of them below. If you would compare sending Reiki to a group with watering plants in a garden, then other than watering these plants with a garden hose, where you equally divide the amount of water to all the plants, you might want to use a watering can to water every plant individually, or even be able to chose from several watering cans in which you have put extra fertiliser in one and more chalk in the other, etc. It will enable you to correspond to each individual plant and give every plant what it needs thus enabling it to grow and bloom in the same time that you normally water the plants with a garden hose…

If you know other Reiki practitioners (from level II upwards) who are willing to join you in your session, do invite them. Joined forces will get better results and the more positive energy that can be bundled the better it is. You can either come together, or do it separate from each other. Even if the time zones are not aligned, you can agree on a time on which you can send. If you are able to physically get together with one or more Reiki practitioners to jointly send Reiki you can either divide the list of clients among you, or all work with the same list and “compare notes” afterwards.


Image by joeflintham

Working with a black box

The simplest way of sending Reiki to a group is the following. Write down all names of the people that want to receive on a sheet of paper. Fold the paper and keep it between your hands during your session. Open the session by HSZSN (connect to all people with a request), followed by SHK and CKR.

You may also want to put the paper in a small box that you hold in your hands. Some people even put the sheet of paper in the back of a teddy bear and give the bear a Reiki treatment. In this case all people involved will get the same treatment, trusting that Reiki will go wherever it is needed. It is an effective way of doing when you are less experienced, or do not want to spend too much time on a session.

Working with energy cables

The more often you do distant healing sessions, the more sensitive you will become to the different “energy cables” that connect you with your clients and that are being sent, to and from the various people that you are connected to. If you do group healings more often, you will find that over time (and a lot of practice 🙂 ) your sensitivity to the ever changing group of people that you are focusing on during your session will become bigger. This could be confusing at first (especially when you send to a larger group using a black box) and you may even start to doubt yourself. “Is what I am feeling for real, or am I imagining things..?” Have no doubts, you are doing just great! You are merely opening up and being more receptive to different types of energy (and there are countless types and forms of energy – but I will perhaps write about them some other time) and the influence that they have on your physical and ethereal / emotional being.

What helps is – when people register for your session – to ask them to tell you what it is they want you to focus on. Reading the various stories may take some time, but then again, it saves you a lot of checking out during the session if you have already read all the stories beforehand. In fact you will often find that your clients will only use a few words, like “back pain”, or “relational problems” etc. There is no need to write all the different subjects down though, and you do not need to remember them all either.

What you do is this: when you read the client’s reason, connect to this person while reading his/her story. As a result this person and her/his story will automatically be “attached” to you, to be used later during your session. If you find it difficult to connect with a person try to visualise yourself sitting opposite or next to the person you are reading about, as if you were at the same table together, or on the same couch. Another possibility is that you visualise an energy cable from your heart or solar plexus to the heart or solar plexus of the person you are reading about. You will find that soon you will “relate” to this person and will feel the different energy waves that come with connecting with a person. The link can be very subtle, or very strong. You can hardly feel a thing or almost directly being energetically drawn towards this person.

When connecting to so many stories and so many people, so many energy cables, you might be feeling heavy, as in burdened, with all the different stories, clinging on to you. Many people that request to be part of a session have physical, emotional, relational or other challenges and it all could become a bit much at first. I can assure you however that as soon as your healing session is over, the attachment and the heavy or burdened feeling will be gone as well. As soon as you detach from the huge circle of energy cables around you are liberated from it all and will feel as “light as ever”…

Once you have attached yourself to all the people that you will be focussing on during your session and when you are ready to start, tune in to the different people you are connected to. Visualise yourself as the centre point in a large field from which – in a circle – all energy cables will be spread out to all the people that are in the session at that time. Do visualise them in a circle around you and not standing in a group in front of you, for then the energy cables might get entangled and it will be more difficult to distinguish which is whom… The larger the group you are targeting, the larger the circle around you. You will know when you connect to the people in your session, for the energy will go in a straight wave from you to that person and it may well be that you see faces, colours, sense emotions or see situations. At first in a blur, or like a gigantic chaotic compilation of images, but later on you will be able to distinguish every person/situation/emotion/dream/wish/hope/challenge individually. Once you follow an energy cable, you will know to whom it is connected. This does not happen overnight and not after you have tried it once or twice, but if you are persistent, you will notice the changes and you will be feeling more comfortable working this way.


Image by lawmurray

The energy cables of the various people you are focusing on in group sessions can be compared with pieces of string that come to you from different angles; each of them representing a person that (was) registered (by another person) for your session. Depending on the size of the group you are sending Reiki to it could be very clear or very complex to follow all the different energy strings back to their “owners”, in order for you to give personal attention to each person individually – when doing a group session. It might happen that you physically sense/feel/undergo the different reasons why people requested to be in your session, ranging from pain, grief, job interviews, wishes and hopes and what have you :-). When following the energy cables, you will find that the different lines have different vibrations and you will be able to tune in accordingly thus allowing the Reiki to have a full healing capacity, like as if you had a separate watering can for every plant, when watering your garden.

The trick of group healings is to focus on the group, and on individuals at the same time. This sounds like a contradiction, but you can compare yourself with a conductor who is in touch with the entire orchestra as a whole and hears and conducts each individual musician at the same time. There are times however that you may find that there are one or two people in the your group who are drawing (or even “demanding”) more attention than others. This is not good, nor bad, it merely reflects the different wave length of energy needed by this/these particular person(s). You might be tempted to focus more on this particular person instead of focusing on the group as a whole, while you focus on each individual at the same time. Should this happen, you might consider connecting with this particular person during your session and follow the energy cable towards him/her in order to assess the situation for a short while and respond accordingly with (a combination of) certain symbols.

Should a person describe a more complex (range of) challenges that he/she wants you to address during your session, you might want to contact this person before your session and ask him/her if it would perhaps be better if you would do a one on one (distant or, if feasible, hands on) session at a later stage.


Image by erwlas

So, suppose you have – let’s say – 60 people in your group that you need to send Reiki to and you sense/feel/are aware of all of these energy cables that you are connected to: how do you go about to correspond to them? The answer is relatively simple. Distinguish the individual energy cable and follow it to its’ “owner”. You will immediately sense the specific need(s) of this person and you can respond to it by sending a (combination) of symbol(s). You can fortify the symbol by using a colour, or – in case you are sending different symbols at once – even a combination of colours. What really works wonderfully is when you send a (specific range of) symbol(s) and place it/them not only in the main chakras (crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, hara, basis), but also:

  • at the front of both shoulders, just below the collarbone,
  • in the inner elbows,
  • in the palms of both hands,
  • at the front of the pelvis (left and right, between hipbone and hara)
  • in the inner knees,
  • at the front of the ankles and
  • both at the front and the soles of their feet.

You can vary with the different colours for each part of the body. Shoulders, elbows, hands, pelvis, knees, ankles and feet are very receptive to receiving Reiki and respond extremely well to a variety of symbols in combination to colours. In this case you can make endless combinations of symbols and colours to directly connect with your client(s) and send the healing energy. Besides, by “targeting” the symbols and placing them in these smaller chakras, you will cover the receiving person in a large variety of Reiki energy vibrations.

The more often you work your way through the people that have asked for a Reiki session like this, the faster you will be able to assess the situation at hand and the faster you will be able to respond to it. And the more people in your group can benefit from Reiki all at once. You will find that after a while and much practice in a split second you will be able to assess the situation and send the right symbols accordingly.

If the group gets larger – say over two hundred people receiving – you might want to consider clustering the different energy cables into items that people requested Reiki for. In this case you take on the various subjects that – although originating from different sources – respond well to the same “remedy”.


Image by fifikins

Working with a temporary cloud of Reiki that can be tapped into

In case you do not want to or cannot work on an individual basis when doing a group session, you might want to try the following. When you do your session, create a huge energy ball but do not send it to anyone yet. Keep it close to you and keep it attached to yourself, while you keep on sending Reiki and as such create a large energy bubble. You can do this before you have agreed to start your session and order it to be released when your session is about to start. Order it to get active when people tap into it and people that you are sending it to can tap into this cloud of Reiki simply by saying: “I am now ready to receive the energy that was prepared for me by (your name). Thank you.” Order the cloud to be active for a certain period of time and let it then automatically be cut lose from the person who tapped into it.

Doing a group session using an energy bank

A centralized multi modality healing energy bank was established by the wonderful and eminent energy worker and fellow Waver Aditya Narrain Mulla in 2010 for his group members where mainly he and a large number of his student/friends and other healers worldwide sent healing energies to be used by those who needed it. From the first of January 2011 Aditya has gracefully opened it to all who need it. These are programmed multi modality self adjusting energies that automatically alter as per the requirement. It was revamped and reprogrammed on the 14th of May 2013 to immediately block the energies if they are misused or commercially used. You can call in the energies for yourself, others, your pets and even situations demanding healing. It is freely available 24x7x365 days and can be called in as and when needed and as many times as you want. In return simply send energy (If you can) or else loving thoughts to the bank for use by others. The energies are programmed to be self adjusting as per the situation, in this case a group session.

1. Calling for others: “I am now receiving the healing energies from the centralized healing energy bank set up by Aditya and transferring it to (Recipient) for (Purpose) Thank you.

2. To send healing to the bank: “I am now sending this healing energy (any Modality)/Love to the centralized healing energy bank set up by Aditya to be used by those who need it.”

In response to this wonderful initiative other energy workers followed and set up their own energy banks. You might want to consider setting up your own to be filled and used by others for whatever reason.

Ethical guidelines

Whatever way of working you chose when working from a distance, please abide to the following ethical guidelines:

  • Only send Reiki after having received the permission of the person(s) you are sending to.
  • Focus only on the treatment of your client(s), without any other thoughts / images.
  • If you feel your attention is drawn to anything other than Reiki, stop the session and restart later.
  • When sending Reiki on an individual basis, report back to the person you sent to what you have encountered.
  • When sending Reiki to a group, make sure that all people on your list have agreed to receiving Reiki.
  • In emergency circumstances the ethical guidelines mentioned above are overruled.
  • You will send to and focus on your client(s) solely with the best interest of your client(s) in mind.


I hope the above will help you to become an even better healer and Reiki practitioner than you already are and that your skills and intentions will not be unnoticed by people around you. However, if you have any additions, remarks, questions, queries, hints, suggestions, cooperation proposals, or if you are in need for a Reiki treatment either hands on or from a distance, please do feel free to contact me either through e-mail: joh.verheijden@gmail.com, or through facebook: www.facebook.com/reikimasterjohannesverheijden

Happy sending!

Johannes Verheijden
Reiki Master

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Johannes Verheijden

Johannes Verheijden

Johannes Verheijden (1965) has been Reiki Master since 1998. He has been working with energy for as long as he can remember and over the years Johannes specialized in healing emotional issues. Ever since he first got in touch with energy work Johannes resonated to it. It “spoke” to him and over the years he learned to channel the energy and to heal people emotionally by using energy, often in combination with massage, or aura reading/healing. Johannes is initiator of the World Reiki Wave, which will take place for the eighth time with thousands of Reiki practitioners joining on the 21st of June. He is based in Zeewolde, the youngest village in The Netherlands. Johannes can be reached through Facebook by www.facebook.com/ReikiMasterJohannesVerheijden, or by e-mail: joh.verheijden@gmail.com

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