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Is It Hard for You To Manifest Money? Learn To Allow More Money Towards You!

Article by Chanchal Mishra

It is not untrue that many people who are trying to manifest money often face challenges, no matter how hard they try! Money is one of the strongest factors for the human race. It “moves” us whether financially or physically. It has a powerful hold on the human race, but believe it or not, it is very easy to manifest money.

Today’s article is going to help you unwind what exactly money is and why it is so difficult for some to manifest money no matter how hard they try?

What is Money?

How do you define money? Here is a simple definition, Money is just another form of energy! Some examples of other energy forms in our daily lives are mechanical, electrical, gravitational, light, heat and many more. These are all types of energy that make some kind of action to happen. Energy is a force that allows movement or “work done” of one or the other kind. Money, in this case, allows the materialistic world to perform various financial actions/transactions.

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Why Transmitting Correct Energy is Important?

Imagine you are driving a vehicle, what are the thoughts you get while driving? Would you agree, If I say driving your vehicle with a calm mind there is a greater chance of you being safe on the road compared to driving with a negative mind, where you take out all that stress in mind on your vehicle, you will agree there is greater chance of someone having a mishap in the seconds instance here? It’s the energy you transfer comes back. Transmit your energy very carefully.

Just like other forms of energy money is only what you give it if you think of money as “unimportant” “evil” or “destructive” this is the energy that money is going to reflect back to you. It is very important that the situations outside are merely a reflection of our thoughts on the “inside”. Now let’s explore the reasons you might be blocking your money flow…

Factors that make money manifestation difficult
(and Plan of Actions)

Letting Go

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t let go!

Plan of Action: Holding on to unnecessary old situations, problems, people or emotions are only going to block your growth. Our experiences are meant to help you grow, do not hold the drama to your life. Carry less baggage with you so it’s easier for you to travel towards money.

Repressed Beliefs

Yes, money can’t buy you happiness (to some extent although), BUT it can definitely buy you resources that you require.

Plan of Action: The thoughts and beliefs passed on to you by your parents or whomsoever, this is time to let go of the old belief system you have. Money is a beautiful and lovely energy.


If you have a hard time visualizing money coming to you, there is a good chance you are not attracting it.

Plan of Action: On your phone start saving gorgeous photos of money (your local currency or dollars), save all the assets you are going to purchase with that money. Meditate often imagining money bills showering over you. This is going to program your subconscious mind when done for a prolonged period. But do not haste, make it easy, make it fun for yourself!

Blocked Chakras

Imagine what happens when swirling chakras of infinite energy stop or a pattern blocks their movement, it soon starts showing up in your life, health and money matters. Blockage in the root chakra can cause depleted money situations in your life.

Plan of Action: A blocked root chakra can cause restlessness in your entire energetic system. It is wise to do regular grounding by taking deep breaths and sitting on the plain ground & “earthing” your body. Wear more of Red to help balance your Root chakra. Affirm to yourself: “I am safe and grounded! I am financially abundant always!”

Past Karmic Lessons/Bondages

Whether you believe it or not, your past life vows and karmas bring you abundance or lack of money in your present life.

Plan of Action: This factor might require the supervision of a trained professional that can help you figure out your past life bondages. However, it is wise to be open to learning, making conscious efforts to correct your actions and do “Hoponopono” exercise towards money. Here is the prayer, “I am sorry, please forgive me, Thank you! I love you!” Do this prayer many times throughout the day and before going to sleep.

The Society We Live In

Many of us grow up watching these movies where the shrewd people always had big villas and bungalows whereas the kind-hearted was living on the streets in rags. This is UNTRUE!! I cannot emphasize enough that this ridiculous portrayal of human life is just not true or factual by any chance.

Plan of Action: Develop a positive mental attitude, do not buy other beliefs sold to you! Be aware, every energy is precious and has a role in human life. Respect it and love it the way it is!

Make the best use of life you have gifted with and stay conscious. I hope you are benefited immensely from the tips and lessons shared in this article.

Love and Light

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Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra

Chanchal Mishra is a Certified Reiki Master and Angel Therapist. She also practices Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angel card reading, Money Reiki and Karuna ki. Chanchal completed her English Literature Master’s degree from Delhi University. She also completed her Post graduation in Fashion Marketing from California, USA. Chanchal loves to read and write. In her free time, she empowers others and provides guidance to those in need. Reach her at healsattviki@gmail.com

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