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The Crown Chakra

Article by Rinku Patel

The Sanskrit name of Crown chakra is Sahasrara chakra. It represents our connection to Divine, Universe, and Higher-realms. It defines spiritual awakening, spirituality, inner wisdom, enlightenment, ethics, psychic abilities, trusting God.

Signs of Balanced Crown chakra – Spiritually balanced, enhanced psychic abilities, ethical, trusting and trustworthy, religiously balanced

Symptoms of Overactive Crown chakra – Arrogant, delusional, hallucinations, fearful, belittle others, daydreams, unsympathetic, egoist, paranoid, lives in fantasy world, impatient, over-sensitive, over-thinking, over-imagination

Symptoms of Underactive Crown chakra – Anxiety, attachment to past, always worrying, uncertainty, doesn’t trust intuition, apprehensive, resistance to changes and new ideas, envious, narrow-minded, fearful, lack of imagination, slow learner, memory problems, rigid, poor intuition, slow learner

Sanskrit name – Sahasrara chakra

Location – On top of the head, at the crown

Color – Violet

Archangel – Zadkiel

Associated organs – Central nervous system, pituitary gland, head, brain

Related diseases/issues – Alzheimer, amnesia, bone disorders, cancers, depression, dizziness, epilepsy, fear, headache, immune system, insomnia, learning difficulties, migraine, multiple sclerosis, multiple personality syndrome, nervous system disorders, neurosis, paralysis, parkinson’s disease, psychosis, right-eye problem, schizophrenia, senile dementia, tiredness, tremor, vomiting.

Crystals for Crown chakra – Amethyst, howlite, clear quartz, selenite, sugilite, white calcite

The Crown Chakra

Essential Oils for Crown chakra – Lavender, vetiver, neroli, angelica

Food for Crown chakra – coconut, lychee, mushroom, radish, ginger, garlic

Beej Mantra – OM


  1. I am one with the Universe.
  2. I am connected to Divine.

Some simplest way to heal-

  • Self-healing – Whenever you are doing self-healing, you can keep chanting OM or the affirmations. Or you can simply give Reiki to your chakra with the intention to unblock and balance the chakra.
  • Distant healing – When you are healing others, set your intention to heal Crown chakra and also you can chant affirmation on their behalf.
  • Meditation – Meditate on the chakra. Visualize a vibrant violet ball spinning clockwise, absorbing all the blockages and transmuting it to divine positive energies to energise and balance your chakra.
  • Crystal healing – Take any of the chakra stones and program it with its chakra affirmation, mantra or intention to balance the chakra. Lie down and simply place the stone on the Crown for 20 minutes or carry the stone around with you. Alternatively, you can give Reiki by hovering your hands over the chakra stones.
  • Water – Hold a water bottle between palms. Set the intention to cleanse, activate and balance the chakra. Chant the chakra affirmation minimum 28 times while giving Reiki. You can even chant OM 108 times. Now you have a bottle filled with Crown chakra affirmations and mantras. Consume the water.
  • Simply chant – Chant the affirmations or mantra whenever you are free.
  • Essential Oils – Dab a drop of any of the mentioned essential oil on Crown chakra.
  • Food – Include any of the mentioned or any other food associated to Crown chakra in your daily diet.
  • Switchwords – WOMB-SHOW-DIVINE-LOVE
    Chant the above switchwords 28 times thrice a day or you can even write anywhere on your body.


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Rinku Patel
Rinku Patel

Rinku Patel is a Reiki Master Teacher, Doreen Virtue certified-Angel intuitive, Fairyologist, Realm Reader, Crystal healer, Angel card reader, and Indigo card reader. Other than that she is a Certified Tarot card reader and spiritual writer. Rinku can be reached via her email address reikithemiraclehealing@gmail.com and on Facebook at Reiki The Miracle Healing

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