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Reiki & Breathing: Breathe Your Healing In & Out

Article by Isabella Dove, Reiki Master

While our minds are busy pondering, analysing, criticising, searching, consulting, and concluding, we tend to forget which force eventually keeps us, alive and kicking with our feet on Earth. To keep our cellular body in good functioning order we need to look at how we engage our bio-energy system. At the physiological level, the human bio-energy system comprises of two primary sub-systems: the voluntary system controlling movements and sensations and the autonomic or involuntary system, controlling digestion, blood pressure and heart rate. The autonomic system comprises of two branches known as the sympathetic and the para-sympathetic. The sympathetic defends the body against attacks, it keeps feeding the system with blood, activates the thyroid and adrenal glands and provides energy for action by catabolic intervention. On the other hand the anabolic intervention of the para-sympathetic is in charge of reducing the activity of the brain and the muscles, and deals with healing, regeneration, triggers parathyroid hormones, activates digestions and elimination and has a the main quality of installing calmness, contentment and relaxations brining the body to rest, sleep, meditate, relax and feeling loved. Only one system can be active at a time and to keep the energy flow effective yet not stressing, active yet not over-active, involved and well functioning yet not over depleting, it is essential to recharge the body’s magnetic field and breath correctly!

Breathing is essential to life and to maintain a healthy bio-energy system. Through correct breathing it is possible to keep our bio-energy system away from damaging and even harmful effect of the constant and over-abundant electro-pollution. This type of pollution might be invisible to the eye yet it is translated into electro-information the sympathetic system will feed itself with giving the bio-energy system a command for even more reaction. Correct breathing instead connects with the para-sympathetic and operates as a gauge to signal it is time to relax, for real. Does it occur to you to stand in the middle of a busy sidewalk and look around at people and see how busy they are to over-activate their sympathetic system by playing with their phones, games, tablets, iPad and other electronic devices? It is possible to live with evolution of telecommunications and still keep a healthy bio-energy system, a good dose of healthy energy, strength and glow. In a recent article we explored a bit the connection between the healing power of Yoga and Reiki. Here we will explore the bit the world of breathing techniques and how with the use of Reiki techniques such as self-treatment meditation and symbols meditation it is possible to strengthen our inner bio-energy system or “prana” and an outer magnetic shield around us.

The word commonly used in Yoga and meditation to refer to “life force” is “Praṇayama”. Praṇayama is a Sanskrit word meaning “extension of the praṇa” where “prana” stands for breath” or “extension of the life force”. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words, Prana, life force, or vital energy, breath, and “ayama”, to extend. The origins of this yogic discipline lies in ancient Bharat (India) and what is known as present day Hinduism. Pranayama is often understood as practicing a control of the breath so that we can reach relaxation, bring this force to specific areas of the body and extend to the body the life that the force brings with it.

From the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to the most current practices of Yoga, all breathing exercising are meant to aid and facilitate the union of mind and body consciousness. There are various forms of breathing as well as various purposes for instance, calming the breath after effort, deepening the breath for sustained effort, cooling breath after effort and cleansing breath to clear the mind. All forms of breathing turn the sympathetic system off allowing for the mind not to intervene and for the flow of oxygen to reach deep remote areas of the bio-energy system. Conscious breathing is important and not only in Yoga where it is consciously used to facilitate the practice. Breathing opens the heart center and relaxes the lower abdomen.

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Check out your breathing with this simple exercise:

– Sit in an easy pose yet keep your upper body straight, spine is long and chin bowed towards the chest, neck is aligned with the spine;

– Consciously engage your lower abdominal muscles, breath in and expand you chest;

– Keep your abdominal muscles engaged and breath out, feel the belly button coming closer to the back of the spine.

– Repeat three to five times.

If this comes naturally to you, then you probably have a correct breathing reflex; if not and your exhale expands your belly instead then you probably need to put some more conscious effort to change the direction of your breathing.

As you become acquainted to the conscious breathing, you can start using Reiki Breathing Self-treatment Meditation and the Reiki Symbols Breathing Meditation.

Reiki Breathing for Self-Treatment Meditation:

  1. Sit in easy pose or lay-down, in both postures allow your consciousness to adjust the alignment of your spine, neck and hips;
  2. Close your eyes; bring your attention to your breath, listen, feel and allow it to guide you while making sure your inhale expand your chest, engage your abs and exhale brings your belly button closer to the spine and keep you abs engaged;
  3. Repeat two three times to make sure this comes natural;
  4. In your minds eye, imagine your own hands giving yourself a Reiki treatment, starting with the eyes position and continuing to the abdomen;
  5. Feel the hands on your face, head, neck, upper chest, chest, belly and lower belly;
  6. Focus on your breath and bring that breath into each position, accompanying the hands, allowing the breath to reach out into your bio-energy system as does Reiki;
  7. Upon completion of the Self-treatment, ensure you close up the session with one hands on lower belly and one hand on upper chest, repeating conscious breathing three times;

When you are done, cross your fingers together and rest your crossed hands on your chest, then put one foot on top of the other and remain so for another three conscious breath. This will allow for your own magnetic field to close up the aura around you.

Reiki Symbols Breathing Meditation:

In this exercise you will use the Reiki Symbol/s that feel/s more appropriate to you at that particular moment and make it travel together with your breath into your inner-body starting from the crown chakra to the root chakra accompanying the breath flow.

Follow steps I to III from the above exercise;

– Make your intention and choose a Reiki Symbol to work with;

– While keeping conscious breathing, in your minds eye draw the symbol in front of you and make it travel above your crown chakra;

– At the next inhale, make the symbol travel in opposite direction inside your body and reach the root chakra in rhythm with your inhale – keep your abs engaged;

– Exhale and make the symbol travel upwards from the root chakra to the crown chakra while your breath is in other direction;

– Repeat three times or more, until you are acquainted with the opposite directions of both the breathing and the symbol;

– Continue for 10 minutes or so and if this feels natural then proceed as long as you feel appropriate. This meditation is cleansing, energizing, focusing, and clearing the mind.

Conclude the meditation with one hand on upper chest and one hand on lower belly, breathing consciously and one foot over the other to close the circuit.

Have a blessed moment!

Isabella Dove

Isabella Dove

Isabella Dove founded Healing Mudras a small studio acting as a hub for holistic artists and healing arts in Vientiane, Lao PDR. She practices Reiki since 1999, lived in 15 countries over 4 continents and brought Reiki as an ally to experiences several realities. After becoming a Usui Reiki Master Teacher in 2008 she travelled to Hawai’i and studied directly with William Rand, Founder & Director of the International Center for Reiki Training (US) and trained as Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher in 2010. This was a breakthrough and a further leap in the practice as Karuna® Reiki brings a firmer alignment and synchronicity with grounding bodhisattva energies. Isabella is a Certified Personal Integral Coach and teaches Reiki, Yin Yoga and DancEnergetics. Visit Healing Mudras at http://thehealingmudras.blogspot.com or http://www.linkedin.com/in/healingmudras

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