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Reiki Burnout

Article by Scott William Thompson

How is this possible? Every day those of us who have chosen to make this our primary profession deal with many different energies.

Being a professional Reiki practitioner comes with its own code of ethics or Reiki Ideals. It is vital that these ethics are followed and demonstrated with all clients.

In most cases, we work for ourselves and we are usually responsible for our own advertising marketing and follow up. We are responsible for own business and complying with the laws and taxes mandated by your state is also part of owning your business as is filing taxes.

As a professional Reiki master teacher, I have worked for centers, for myself and for outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers. I even started this profession by opening my own center and like any other profession, this one is no exception from stress and challenges.

Reiki Burnout

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Here are some tips and techniques to help you from experiencing Reiki Burnout

  1. Always allow 30 minutes between clients for you to ground and cleanse
  2. Make for sure you stay hydrated drink plenty of water
  3. If you use stones in your healing work always cleanse them between clients (A container filled with salt to cover your stones is a quick and easy solution) Sage works well too!
  4. Eat Lunch! I recommend going out of your space and connect with the earth and or a friend take an hour
  5. If you are working 8 hours a day you should not be taking more then 4 clients per day no matter how long or short the session
  6. Take days off! It’s important not to become so consumed with what you are doing that you lose sight of what’s important
  7. Keep your clients as your clients don’t try to blend a professional relationship with a casual one
  8. Have 2 social media accounts one for you and one for your practice. Never engage in any type of political religious or personal beliefs representing your Reiki business
  9. Invest your money even just 20.00 a week can add up. There are many different ways to save and create a IRA inexpensively
  10. Take a vacation! The whole basis of being a Reiki practitioner is to assist others and to have a better quality of life. That includes you!

Even if you do just one of these ten helpful tips you will continue to create a thriving practice for yourself and live a Reiki life filled with peace, grace, and abundance.

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Scott William Thompson

Scott William Thompson

Scott William Thompson is a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher in Las Vegas NV. He works out of a professional medical office that specializes in eastern and western medical care called SilverArcAPN. Scott works primarily with clients in the center who are also receiving medical addiction support on an outpatient basis. Scott uses coaching and meditation therapy along with Reiki as part of the client’s treatment plan. All clients get the opportunity to become a Reiki level 1.
For more information on how to begin working in such facility’s Scott has created a program for other Reiki Master Teachers. You can email Scott at scottwilliamthompson@icloud.com for more information or visit his website www.scottwilliamthompson.com

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  • Jeremy O'Carroll November 2, 2018, 8:56 am

    I agree with your point that we should collect valuable information for Reiki Treatement.

  • Shannon S. November 2, 2018, 5:13 pm

    Excellent, excellent recommendations – Thank you! <3

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