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Reiki is The Gift of Universal Life Force Energy

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal life force energy given to a patient through Reiki master or undertaken by their own. You need to know about Reiki concept, before taking treatment or learning it.

It is actually a technique originating in Japan but used all over the world nowadays, for reducing stress and evolving relaxation to promote healing. If you have a little information about Reiki, you might know that it is done by laying your hands on a body or your own to eradicate any negative energy from your body.

Hand movements in Reiki are basically meant for channelizing the universal force energy from a practitioner towards a client. The life force energy flows through all of us and is the actual reason for our survival.

Are you wondering about impacts of Reiki, if you feel stressed or sick?

It is a common question arising in the minds of many people.

The answer is that if your life force energy is low, you will definitely start feeling stressed or sick. Consequently, if your life force energy is in high spirits, you will stay happy and healthy throughout your life.

What does Reiki mean in Japanese?

Reiki is holistically guided universal life force energy.

Reiki is made up of a combination of two Japanese words, Rei and Ki. Rei refers to ‘Supreme Power or Godly wisdom’ and Ki means ‘Life Force Energy existing in us all’.

What does Reiki mean in terms of therapy?

Reiki treats the person wholly and focuses on revitalization of emotions, mind and physical body. There can be a lot of well-being derived from it. Reiki therapy works through gentle lying of hands and following some angled hand postures during the treatment. The practitioner works in the energy field of your body, which lies over a few inches of your body. You can receive benefits of Reiki through distant-healing procedures.

You may feel either of these experiences, hot, cold or tingling, after your session. Every person is different for receiving the energy from the practitioner. Reiki is safe, natural, holistic, ideal and simple way of getting natural healing. It will make you feel better and does heal your body. You should get wholesome information about this healing therapy before implementing it. There is a lot to learn in Reiki stream, including practitioner beliefs, working systems, channelizing life force energy and utilizing the overall benefits it can give you.

If you are fond of hearing experiences and reading books, you will find Reiki as an amazing and simple therapy to learn and implement. Reiki is learnt through literatures and books by many people. You can also consult a Reiki Master for the same.

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