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Book Review: Reiki for Dummies, by Nina L. Paul

Written for beginners and experts alike, Reiki for Dummies is a guidebook, considered as one of the most reliable sources of Reiki information. Written in the true “for dummies” spirit, this is an “open and read” book: just open it and start reading on any random page – it will make sense. Read it from cover to cover – it will also make sense.

Reiki for Dummies, by Nina L. Paul

Reiki for Dummies, by Nina L. Paul

Interested in a particular topic, or need a memory refresh on something you’re not quite sure about? Just browse the Table of Contents and jump right to it. Everything’s in :).

360 pages full of essential information such as:

Reiki symbols and hand positions

The book features all the symbols and all the proper hand positions to execute when doing Reiki. You will not only know them but you’ll also understand them so that performing Reiki would be a meaningful, beautiful, and also effective experience.

Reiki for pets, animals, children and adults

Reiki practitioners have varying needs and this book features information about a lot of them, whether they are animals, children or adults.

Reiki for medicine, surgery, birth or death

Since Reiki is a healing technique that uses spiritual energy, this book also features information about how you can combine it with other therapies and healing procedures as appropriate to any situation.

Reiki at home, at work and in the car

Also features information about how you can incorporate Reiki in your daily life, wherever you are. Many people have busy schedules and find it impossible to practice Reiki, but this book will give you solutions to this issue.

How-to  tips

How to perform Reiki properly, how to find a good teacher as well as how you can become a good Reiki healer.

What sets Reiki for Dummies apart from other reiki books

Well, there are a few things 🙂

Reiki for Dummies, by Nina L. Paul

Reiki for Dummies, by Nina L. Paul

Complete information

There is just so much information packed into this book. Every single question that may pop on your mind will find an answer here.

Written for both beginners and advanced practitioners alike

Whether you have taken classes before, received Reiki, or are just someone who is starting to get to know Reiki; this book is good for you because even though it can literally take you from zero to hero, it covers a lot of information that even most advanced practitioners might need. If you’re a beginner, it will be your primer. If you’re a well-versed practitioner, it will be the encyclopedia you can come back to again and again.

Clear, organized, plain English

This book contains clear and exact information, written in plain English. It’s well-organized, “readable”, and the appendices provide lots of resources for those who want to dig more deeply into Reiki study and practice.

Written by a real professional

Unlike (unfortunately) many other Reiki books on the market, this one is written by a real professional with over 20 years of experience when it comes to the field of science and health communication, who received a bachelor’s degree in biology and has conducted several research and studies about neuroimmunology. She is not only an expert in the field of medicine and not only a Reiki practitioner, but an authentic Master using Reiki to help herself and others.

It’s a fun book

You will NOT get bored reading this book. No walls of text here. No technical mumbo jumbo, and no blabbers that are boring and difficult to understand. On top of the plain English language, it makes good use of well chosen illustrations that are worth a thousand words and make reading a pleasurable, fun activity.

Very handy

A paperback book, that makes it very handy and light to carry around with you wherever you go. If you’re technically advanced 😀 Kindle edition is also available.

A must have

Definitely Reiki for Dummies is one of the best books that ever existed about Reiki. Whether you are a beginner or and advanced practitioner, this book is definitely a must-have!

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