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Feiki Reiki: Pure form of Energy

Reiki is an ancient method for healing and is being used from more than hundreds of years. This study got reintroduced in 20th century and produced various methods. Feiki Reiki is one such method used for gaining strength and for personal empowerment.

Why is Feiki Reiki Called as a Radical Form of Reiki?

The reason is that Feiki Reiki doesn’t only recharge your energy, but awakes your body’s senses too. It can make you realize that the power and energy lies within us and not anywhere else. You need to tap this power to improve your position as an individual. The purpose of Reiki remains the same, regardless of its kind. Reiki teaches you to heal your body and give you inner peace and regularity.

If you practice Reiki regularly, your body will be cleared off the negative energies, mental blockages and other sources of illness. Feiki Reiki will keep you strong from inside and increase your physical and emotional strength. It also enables creativity to flow through your mind.

Radical Reiki focuses mainly on Balancing Concept. It doesn’t only refer to physical balance, but emotional and soul balance for revitalizing your body and spirit.

If you are willing to learn radical Reiki form, you will have to begin your training from Level 1. The instructor would teach you about Reiki and its effects on the body. They will give you information about symbols, but actual implementation of these symbols would be realized later on. If you find interest in Level one, you can proceed to next levels, according to your will.

Image by AlexanderY

There are a few things going with Feiki Reiki concept. The first one is Purification, which is associated with pure energy form. This can move into the stage having higher vibration energy and generates healing process in an individual. The second attribute is ability to transform fear and negativity from your body. You will face your fears until you are not afraid of them.

Once you have mastered these things, you will be able to take help of universal energy to assist you for your healing. Feiki Reiki information is also available online. You can type the name in search engine box and choose distance learning information to know about how Reiki can help you in getting healed, when you are away from the Reiki Master.

Feiki Reiki usage is not very common, therefore it might be challenging (but probably not impossible) to find a Master should you wish to pursue this, but many people use it. It can heal you emotionally, physically or spiritually. If you think about making it a part of your daily life, you will realize that it is a guide for you. Life is nothing without a specific purpose and you can get Reiki as a helping technique for curing your body and mind. If you are interested, there are people available to help you and you can find a right path for yourself by consulting them and showing your interest in Feiki Reiki.

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  • dolphin December 6, 2012, 12:42 pm

    I cannot see how this Feiki Reiki is any different, from Reiki? Please correct me if im wrong. But all the levels from this modality can be achieved from Reiki anyway. That said I know there are lots of different types of Reiki or healing out there that ultimately work towards the same goal, with slight variations and symbols etc. I guess at the end of the day it
    finding something that works for you.

    • Reiki Rays December 7, 2012, 11:15 am

      True, whatever works for each of us is the best 🙂

  • Kátia Sofia June 4, 2016, 11:13 am

    I live in Portugal, and I have Master’s degree in Traditional Reiki Mikao Usui and in Kundalini Reiki. I wanted to know more about Feiki Reiki and where can I do the initiations. Thank’s

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