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Real Estate Reiki

Article by Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, DD

One of the more stressful times in life is when we are called upon to buy or sell a piece of real estate. Time may be of the essence in a real estate deal, and there are many emotions attached to acquiring or releasing what is probably the biggest purchase of a person’s life. Reiki can make this process much more relaxing and enjoyable if we remember to call upon it during every stage of the real estate cycle.

During the buying process, we are called upon to gamble large amounts of money on a piece of real estate that may or may not be a good investment for us. So many aspects of the decision are at play. Where to buy? Is this a good price? Are the neighbors nice? Will my investment go up or down in value? Depending on the location and forces at play, markets are always shifting. What may be a great investment at one point may eventually begin to lose value if the economy changes. We live in a very dynamic world, and with the shifts that go on around us all of the time, we are called upon to take a leap of faith when we buy a piece of real estate.

If we call upon Reiki to help us during the time of purchasing real estate, we will find that everything falls into place much more successfully and smoothly. When buying real estate, remember to call upon Reiki in the following manner:

  1. Call upon Reiki to send you the perfect real estate agent to work with. Send the Reiki symbols out into the Universe to bring you the best professional to work with, for the highest good of all concerned. This will be a great starting point, as the best agent will bring you the best deal in an enjoyable and professional manner.
  2. If you have a particular piece of real estate in mind, print out the listing photo and place upon your Reiki altar, after you have inscribed the Reiki symbols on the photo. Every time you pass your altar area, send all of the symbols to the property. You will find that Reiki will draw it to you in the perfect way. If the property is not meant for you, the Reiki will bring this realization into your consciousness quickly, so you do not waste time and emotions on something that is not meant for you.
  3. Every day during your daily self Reiki, send all of the symbols out into the Universe to bring the perfect property at the perfect price into your life. This always works so well for myself and my clients. I have seen properties fall into client’s laps in the perfect way very quickly after they begin this practice. Try it and see!

Real Estate Reiki

The selling process can be a very difficult time if we are not ready emotionally to release a property. Quite often we are called upon to sell our homes because of a change of situation. We may have lost a high paying job and cannot afford the payments anymore. Our children may have left home and we are downsizing. We may feel restless and want to move to another location. Many emotions are at play during this time, and it may be hard to think clearly because we are processing some type of loss, sadness, and regret. Reiki is such an amazing tool in that it can help us honour and bless these emotions. When selling real estate, remember to use Reiki in the following way:

  1. Print out a photo of your listing, with the price that you are asking. Working with your realtor, you should have a well researched asking price, but markets shift and many things are at play. Draw all of the Reiki symbols on this photo and place on your Reiki altar, or somewhere that you will see it often as you pass by. Send the sale of the house Reiki every time it enters your mind. Do not fret, or allow yourself to feel that no one will ever buy your house. It will happen at the perfect time if you send the sale Reiki.
  2. Bless and release your property for the service that it has given your family. There is a time for everything, and as you bless and release the property, it is free to change hands with its perfect new owners, for the highest good of all concerned. What a beautiful transition in life!
  3. Do not look at this as a loss, even if you are having to sell because of lack of cash flow, divorce or death. This time comes to everyone. It is not failure, it is the Divine Flow of Life. Ride the waves and let it take you to the next phase of your life, for the highest good of all concerned.

If you follow these Reiki steps during the real estate transaction process, you will begin to see miraculous ways of everything falling into place, for the highest good of all. Allow yourself to enjoy the ride, and use Reiki in a truly practical and powerful way. You will be glad that you did!

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Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox

Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, DD is a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Coach. She works with clients and students worldwide by phone or webcam, and in person at her private office in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. She has an active spiritual ministry, and is an Ordained Minister who has been awarded her Doctor of Divinity degree. Her doctoral dissertation was focused on scientific research proving the power of prayer. She uses the information from her research to help her clients heal and overcome their challenges in all areas. For more info, please see www.revdrtracycox.com or connect with her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/revdrtracycox

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