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Reiki Death and Pain, the Removal of Suffering

Article by Susi McWilliam

Reiki to me is more than a job. It was a gift I discovered through my own ill health and pain which lead me to be able to give the greatest gift of all. Reducing my mother’s suffering during her transition to leaving this realm. During my journey as a Reiki practitioner, my mum developed cancer. This was such a huge shock for us as a family but one which we all approached with great strength and as much positivity as a family can when cancer hits.

My mum’s cancer was terminal and it was battle she fought with such grace and courage and because of her I have strength, compassion, and love.

With terminal cancer you feel helpless, and we try as human beings to do all that we can to support and assist those around us. I turned to my Reiki, oils, affirmations, and crystals. I frequently sent my mother distance Reiki as she coped with the effects of the chemotherapy and struggled to sleep. I would give her Reiki when she was in her bed unable to get up and during these periods of Reiki, and after she would find rest, relaxation and relief. She was transported to a place where she could feel freedom from the cancer.

Reiki Death and Pain, the Removal of Suffering

For myself I would often Self Reiki or visit my Reiki master for sessions. Allowing me to release and explore my emotions and pain safely, with someone I trust and to find peace in an otherwise chaotic world.

As my mum reached the final days of her cancer journey her pain began to increase and would come spasmodically. I stood by her bed when she was in pain and barely able to speak. I began to channel Reiki energy and with this her groans would stop, the muscles in her face would soften and relax. With each session she would drift off into deep sleep and away from the pain that prevented her from rest.

She would mumble “it’s so relaxing”. For me this was the greatest gift to be able to give her. I am truly blessed to have found Reiki years ago in my time of need, and then to be able to use this beautiful healing energy to give my mum what she needed in hers.

Reiki is always from a place of love and with this loving energy I have found Peace. I love helping others along their healing path. My role is to lovingly allow others to overcome their obstacles, to find solutions and space to grow, expand and release.

I dedicate my work to my beautiful mama, and now angel. You inspire me daily.

Love and Light!

Susi McWilliam

Susi McWilliam

Susi McWilliam is a holistic health coach, meditation instructor and Reiki practitioner, founder of health consultancy Spirit and Soul, training private and corporate clients in holistic approaches to supporting mental health. Her goal is to share and empower others to find solutions to their anxiety, stress, and ill health using the bodies’ innate power to heal naturally. When not working with clients Susi can be found outside connecting to nature, walking with her family and dog or spending time with her horses. You can find more help and support from Susi by visiting www.spiritandsoul.me or you can find her on facebook or insta @susimcwilliamspiritandsoul.


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