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Article by Neetu Uberoy Palan

This is my first article with Reiki Rays, so I thought I should share my views and experience on one of the most important factors in each one’s life. That is MONEY!

Money is one of the most important parts of one’s life.

I’m in no way a financial expert. I too have gone through financial issues, just like most people and never understood why I was going through such a phase then! That’s where MONEY REIKI helped me.

Money Reiki is all about healing money issues, not just personally, but in all spheres of life where finance is involved. Be it, earning well or saving!

Money Reiki helps to remove your money related blockages, whether it’s a life karma or a past life karma that is holding money back and not letting it come to you or grow. Money Reiki works with the spiritual energy of money. With the help of this energy healing, one can gradually overcome the financial issues. It’s more about clearing out negative energy in relation to money. It strengthens the energetic system. Once the money related blockages are removed, money starts flowing in. Being a Money Reiki Grandmaster, I’ve had wonderful experiences with myself, my family members and many of my clients, who have experienced changes in their lives financially, after receiving the Money Reiki healing.

Money Reiki
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I would like to share an experience of a Money Reiki healing session, where I combined Usui Reiki, Angels, and Switchwords.

The client was going through a financial blockage. On talking to him, trying to gauge his thoughts of money, I realized that he put in a lot of efforts, but did not get the returns as deserved or expected. Money used to go out with the same speed that it would come. I told the client that the healing session would be a 21-day cycle. The client was open to receiving the healing and was quite excited to experience the results.

1. First, I connected to him with HSZSN, as it was via the distant method.

2. Then I had to remove the blocks from his mind. So I visualized him in the golden pyramid. With the spinning of the pyramid, all his blocks were gradually leaving his mind and body and going to Mother Earth.

3. Then I drew the Clearing symbol on his whole body along with SHK. He could feel a slight difference in the first week itself.

4. Simultaneously I had asked him to chant OIL-RELEASE.

5. I had also requested Archangel Michael to cut the cords of negativity with regard to money.

6. The next step was the affirmation and manifestation symbol. I also gave him CKR and a few switchwords and numbers to chant. I made two EC’s for him. One was the blockage removal EC and the other was the money flow EC.

7. I also called upon Archangel Ariel to help me heal the person and bless him abundantly. I believe that green is a color for money as well as a healing color, so I always visualized him in green light covered by the white light which prevented the energy from leaking.

8. Then came the Grandmaster symbol, which showed its magic.

By the end of the 21-day session, the client had started receiving the desired outcome and was very happy. I always disconnected with him at the end of each session with RAKU.

I thanked all the Gods, Goddesses, Master, and the Divine energy for having blessed the person with all the abundance in life.

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Neetu Uberoy Palan
Neetu Uberoy Palan

Neetu Uberoy Palan who was a teacher by profession for almost 23 years, has been spiritually inclined during the past 7 years. She is an Angel Tarot and Oracle card reader, a Reiki Grandmaster, a Crystal healer, Money Reiki Grandmaster, a Pendulum Dowser, a Numerologist, and a Switch Healer. She has changed many lives with her counseling sessions. She has also learned Angel Reiki and believes she has a deep connection with Angels that makes her what she is right now. Her readings and healing sessions have given true guidance to many and that has, in turn, blessed them with happier lives. She could be contacted on +91 9892304943. She could be contacted on or you could also mail her at


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