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How to Fit Reiki Self-Practice into Everyday Life

Article by Taryn Walker

You’ve done a Reiki course and loved it. You were so inspired to practice after feeling the effects of Reiki during training. Fast forward to three months later…you’ve forgotten how self-practice goes, you keep meaning to squeeze in a session, but it never happens. Reiki has become a wonderful but distant memory, an experience you once had and were sure you’d be dedicated to for life.

What stops you from practicing? I asked this question on social media recently and these were the common responses:

  1. No time! Too busy with life
  2. Woken up by the demands of kids that snowballs all day
  3. Doubt about the effectiveness of self-treatment
  4. Forgotten how to get started and what to do
  5. The fifth reason few want to admit to, which is probably the main challenge for most: Prioritising social media time over self-care practices

I can easily scroll and swipe on my phone seeing what everyone else is getting up to for a good hour or more! Could you trade 15 minutes of social media time for self-practice? I definitely could. Daily practice is actually much easier than we think and it’s so worth it.

How to Fit Reiki Self-Practice into Everyday Life

How to fit Reiki self-practice into everyday life:

  1. Do a self-treatment as soon as you wake up, even before opening your eyes. Start lying on your side for greatest comfort and roll onto your back for the torso positions.
  2. If kids wake you up before you have the chance, try the above when you get into bed at night
  3. While watching TV, place your hands with awareness and notice how quickly you return to presence. Reiki still works if you’re busy with something else, although not the ideal way to connect
  4. Add short treatments to your existing routine. Before or after eating, brushing teeth, getting into the car, while in the shower etc.
  5. If you only have a few moments, don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with Reiki. Even one hand placed gently on the body briefly can bring you a sense of calm, peace and deeper connection with yourself. And it may inspire you to find the time for more.

You won’t be able to trust that it works if you don’t give it the time. I know it’s possible to make self-practice as habitual as brushing your teeth. Who’s ready to commit to a life of daily Reiki?

Forgotten how to practice? If you’re truly determined, contact your teacher or find a Reiki mentor online. Watch a video. Make it happen.

We all make excuses to not practice, but every day is a new chance to begin again.

Let 2019 be the year you began practicing Reiki every day.

I believe you can do it! Reiki doesn’t have to be complicated. Why not place a hand right now as you’re reading this?

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Taryn Walker

Taryn Walker

Taryn Walker is a traveling Reiki Master Teacher who wishes to inspire people to realise that they are miraculous! She believes that Reiki can reveal our natural ability to heal ourselves and this empowers us to take responsibility for our lives. She works a lot with distant Reiki and loves the way it allows people to experience the illusion of separation. Taryn is grateful for being able to connect with her Reiki clients even while traveling. She usually lives on a little island in Thailand, where she practices and teaches Reiki, but finds ‘home’ wherever she is. Taryn enjoys yoga, nature, creating art, cooking and finding magic in “ordinary” places. Follow her here: http://reiki-alchemy.com/, http://www.facebook.com/alchemyhealing, and http://bit.ly/reikialchemyoutube.

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  • HariniSankar January 19, 2019, 9:25 am

    Beautiful well said, golden words to be put into practice. Thanks for inspiring and sending love and light.

    God bless you.

  • Linda Rupp January 19, 2019, 2:47 pm

    I like to do the 3 breath method. Place your hands on each chakra & take 3 deep breaths, letting it our slowly. Include your feet & knees also. It helps you relax & give you body much needed oxygen.
    Linda R.

  • divya January 16, 2020, 11:22 pm

    v nice!

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