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#IAmReiki – Reiki Tips from our Readers – Episode 4

Hello, dear Reiki Rays readers,

#IAmReiki Episode 4 is here with some special tips delivery. Almost a month has passed since publishing our first article and we would like to thank you for supporting this community project with plenty interesting and inspiring Reiki tips.

We always try to be joyful in our #IAmReiki series and present you different ways to improve your Reiki practice. That’s why we came up with today’s Reiki tips letter sent all away from Conder, ACT Australia! Fran brought her contribution to the project and sent us some great Reiki tips from house cleansing to crystal grids and even distance healing insights. WOW! Thank you, Fran!

Fran brought her ideas to the project and sent us some great Reiki tips from house cleansing to crystal grids and even distance healing insights. WOW! Thank you, Fran!

Hope you all enjoy the following lines and get the needed daily Reiki inspiration!


Tips on using the wonderful natural gift of Reiki! from Fran

”Having the wonderful gift of being a Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher is one of the greatest natural gifts I have in my everyday life (along with a few others), I have my own personal uses like all who practices Reiki.

The practice of Reiki is a wonderful and spiritual, though not religious, so it in no way causes conflict with any faith. It brings about many positive benefits such as a feeling of inner calmness, clearer thinking, alleviation of anxiety, depression, raises mental engagement, self-esteem, it enhances motivation and creativity, and so much more…

Reiki Tip – House Cleansing 

Including in my regulars uses are each week or when I feel the need to; after I’ve given my home a really good clean, I go outside and at every entrance I do my personal ceremony by saying a quiet prayer, doing all the Reiki symbols signs, each time I do this, I use which symbol I feel at that time, in no pacific order – just like giving a Reiki healing on a client but doing it at the entrances.

House CleansingAfter doing this I then, go inside and do the same from the inside, in no pacific order to an entrance I just go to the one I feel drawn to on that day. This helps and protects my home in many ways but best of all, its extremely calming and very effective in other ways like keeping out negativity, anger etc. Another thing I’ve noticed is it actually helps reduce spiders and other insects from coming inside. That a bonus in my books!

After all entrances are completed I then, burn my sage incense in the lounge room, kitchen and dining room, leaving all the other doors in the home open to allow the sage to drift through. To me, this just freshens the home even more.

Then that evening after tea and everything is cleaned up, I then run myself a bath with natural rock sea salt, baby oil, and bubble bath. I have my iPad setup with my meditation music (I get it of Youtube) playing and take a magazine with me. Just as I’m ready to get into the bath, I then Reiki my bath water using all the symbols again and sometimes I do this up 2 to 3 times. It’s such a beautiful bath time for me and I’m sure it would be for everyone who tries or even does this.

Doing the Reiki symbols in and outside of my home on a regular basis has given me a calmness of such bliss. The best part of it is anyone coming into my home with negativity, anger, unhappiness etc, I find that they all seem to settle and begin to calm within the half hour of being there. I also find that conversations change from being frustrated and tired to just being calm and I can see my friends, families, and visitors’ faces change from the tenseness to relaxed and that’s a great thing to see. It seems that they leave this way too!

Reiki Tip – Distant Healing

Another thing I like is when I talk with my clients, family, and friends about distant healing, when I’m giving them distant Reiki healing, if possible, I create a sacred space for themselves; to either light a candle, burn incense, put on some gentle music, anything that makes them feel good, have a glass of water on hand or all of these combined; then lay down in a comfortable place where you can let your body fully relax and let the Reiki flow to them.

Distant HealingHaving a special place doesn’t have to be a spare room or somewhere big, it can be anywhere, laying outside on the grass, sitting outside, anywhere they can just have time away from others for that half hour or so, or whatever time they may have to do this, you don’t even have to lay down; even sitting in a comfortable chair as long as they are able to allow themselves to be calm and relaxed.

Sending distant Reiki and talking with clients about this later or the next day always gives me joy knowing that Reiki has this wonderful effect on so many people in this world in such a beautiful way. In their calmness, allowing them to sleep well again, being able to feel happy, just to name a few.

Reiki Tip – Crystal Grid

Another way to use Reiki is making a crystal grid and it can be created and charged with Reiki (and with other healing energy), which will then continue to send energy to heal, protect or manifest a goal for 24 hours or longer after is charged.

To create your Crystal grid you will need crystals. If you’re not sure what to get, when buying crystals it’s best allowing your intuition to guide you to them but choose them with care and sensitivity for their intended purpose. You may feel an attachment to them, or just have a calm and, yes, it’s this one type of feeling! Think of your reasons you’re making this grid. Is it for prosperity? Happiness? Love or all combined? When you look at the crystals you may take a special liking to certain ones; hold it, how does it feel? if it feels right, it is!

Reiki Crystals GridYour crystals should be cleansed before use, this can be done in a few different ways, Reiki them, placing them in rock or sea salt water for 24 hours. You can also cleanse them with tap water (but be careful some crystals do not do well in water). You can even say a prayer over them, place where the light of the sun and moon will shine on them. All these are for cleansing and removing any negative energy. Cleansing is a personal choice you do what is correct for you! Remember if you do one of these, that’s all it needs! I always Reiki mine! To me, anything you do in life can be given Reiki, it strengthens the healing power and it’s just a wonderful natural feeling along with that!

Next, you must prepare a place for your Crystal Grid. It should be in a place that only you have access to, or at least a place that is in your space. It could be an altar or a sacred place in your home on a desktop or shelf. Somewhere it can be left untouched for a few days. Play with the arrangement of crystals until it feels right! Once completed give your grid an infusion of “Reiki” and then ask your desired question or give the grid a direction! For example: please send me health and wellbeing! Keep my family and friends safe and well! Now leave for a few days or until you are ready to remove it. I personally have a few small altars in my home and they are always infused with Reiki to keep them cleansed and to re-infuse them with my desires at that pacific time!

Reiki for me has so many uses and helps with just about anything and everything life may throw at us, and that’s the greatest gift to be able to share this with people of all ages. Reiki not being associated with any type of religion is also an attraction to many.

So I’m sharing this with everyone to just give these suggestions a try and see for yourselves how it may help you for your highest good! I deliver these small insights from a place of happiness and fullness and here are some ways to help you do just that! I hope these can serve you in a wonderful, peaceful and great way! Like they do me!
With much gratitude, love, and blessings…
Namaste…Fran ❤”

Great insights, Fran!

This #IAmReiki project is becoming more and more interesting. After the previous exercise presented in Episode 3, I think I will start with this relaxing cleansing bath.
And you? What resonated most with you?

You can also be our next Reiki author, so give it a try and share with us your Reiki tips!

And remember…
Are you a Reiki beacon into the world?
#IAmReiki !!!

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Anna Marks
Anna Marks

Anna Marks is part of the Reiki Rays Team since 2016. She is a freelance writer and a freelance soul. Although she got in touch with many healing methods and teachings, her journey made her realize we are our own authority and there is only one Truth that unite us all – unconditional love. She has only one thought for you – Learn to love yourself just as much as God loves you. Reach Anna at anna@reikirays.com.


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