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One of the Most Important Practices when Working with Reiki

Article by Becky Hernandez

How do you connect, ground and protect when working with others?

As healers and practitioners we are working with people, beings and energy. It is important that we have a practice to not only ground our energy, but protect it as well. Invocations to me are a way of tuning into the light energy of the universe, as well as asking for protection, and getting grounded. All in one! It also helps to bring my energy to a level that is best for not only the client, but for me as well.

I always have an opening and a closing practice when working with others. On the days I may forget one of these steps, I feel it big time. It is the key to working with people and especially helpful to not get consumed, tired or sick. I believe having an opening and closing anytime you are working with others is one of the most important aspects of Reiki.

There are many variations of this that you can use to your own liking. And there are many others out there. I like this one, as I feel it covers all the bases, especially if you are working with lots of people. When I practice my invocation, I work with not only Reiki guides, but angels and other ascendant masters as well. This is not religious, its a higher vibrational energy. It’s to turn to an energy that is higher than me in frequency, to then allow me to work more feeling – knowing I am always guided and protected. I use this for in-person work and distant.

Here is my invocation (opening):

  1. I connect my energy to the earth, by making sure my feet are flat on the ground, and releasing any negative energy into the earth, then visualizing roots going into the earth. Always wanting to be grounded in some way during a session.
  2. Then I connect my energy to a higher energy of light through the crown of my head, by visualizing white light coming through. This also helps with clearing the channel and intuition.
  3. I ask for ArchAngel Michael (or any ascendant master you feel drawn to) to come and remove any negative energies, lower vibrational energies, earth bound spirits, anything not of light or my higher self. I ask him to remove any and all fears from myself and others.
  4. I then ask him (or any other protective beings) to surround me in gold light and protect me from any and all harm.
  5. I hold my hands in prayer to my heart, and ask for the universal light and love to flow through me to help (insert client name here). The key here is that it is important to set the intention that the energy flow through me, and not connect to me.
  6. I ask that ONLY good intentional loving beings may come through, only love and light for their highest good. This helps to make sure no other energies that may be low vibrational come around.
  7. I ask for my Master guides, Reiki Master guides, Angels and higher self to help show me what’s needed to help heal (insert client name here) for their highest good. This helps me to feel or hear things more clearly, and allow for more healing.
  8. Then I draw the symbols, and clear the channels by breathing in from the crown of my head, and blowing out white light.

Once the session is complete, I then go through the closing. Here is my closing. Helps to not only release any energy that may have come my way by grounding, but also helps calm my energy, and give thanks for the many helpers I had.

  1. I visualize white or gold light around the person, and then waive my hands up as if giving them and their energy to the universe. This helps to release me from any and all outcomes of their session, and give as much of their energy to the higher realm.
  2. Then I release their energy into the earth by putting my hands down on the earth, and allowing that energy to flow out of me. This also helps to release any negative energy and to ground me as well. Working with Reiki can heighten our energy, which is very helpful during a session, but if you don’t get grounded, it could have unnerving effects.
  3. I then put my hands in prayer to my heart and thank all of the guides, masters, angels etc that helped me.

Please let me know how this process goes for you! Or if you have your own, please share!

Much love and light!

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Becky Hernandez

Becky Hernandez

Becky Hernandez is a Usui, Tibetan and Holy Fire Reiki Master and Reiki Master teacher. As well as an Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Certified Yoga teacher, Writer and life long seeker. In love with teaching and sharing her gifts, she teaches classes and workshops on Reiki, Meditation, Chakras, Crystals, Intuition and Angelic guides. You can contact her via her website www.themisfityogi.com/ or on Facebook at The Misfit Yogi – Becky Hernandez.

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