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Case Study – Healing Menstrual Cramp Pain with Reiki

Article by Shubhada Kumbhar

I was on a weekend trip with friends to a friend’s countryside farmhouse. At that time I was Reiki Level 2 practitioner. Due to certain personal reasons I was not practicing Reiki healing for other people and clients. But it was my deepest desire to get in touch with Reiki once again.

As my friends were also healers, I expressed my desire to give Reiki healing session to my friends. One of them asked me to give healing for her menstrual cramp pain as her periods were due in next two days. She told me that she experiences unbearable pain during first two days of her menstruation cycle. I was more than happy to help her and also to start practicing healing again after a long break.

1. I asked her to lie down comfortably on bed.

2. I closed my eyes and called upon my Guardian Angels, Archangel Michael and Masters of Reiki Energy. I requested Archangel Michael to protect our room, myself and my friend in a bubble of Violet light.

3. I set the intention of healing my friend’s menstrual cramp pain.

4. Then I mentally drew Reiki Symbols, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei on my palms and asked Reiki energy to flow through me.

5. I visualized giving her hands on healing from her Crown chakra.

6. As I was proceeding through further chakras, I stopped between her Sacral and Root Chakra. I saw a vision of a pipe through which dark and muddy water was flowing as if those were the impurities or blocks causing her the pain. I continued giving Reiki till the time I saw clear water flowing through the pipe.

7. I then passed the energy through her Foot chakra.

8. I did grounding by imagining the roots emerging from her Foot charka and going deep inside into the Mother Earth.

9. Finally I sealed and protected her body with a big Cho Ku Rei.Healing Menstrual Cramp Pain with Reiki

After the session she told me that she felt warmth around her naval area and could also feel the energy flowing through her body. After three days she called me to tell that she had no pain and discomfort during her menstrual cycle this time. She was extremely happy.

I thanked the Reiki energies and all the divine beings from the bottom of my heart for enabling the smooth flow of energy through me and also to help me with the confidence to start my healing practice again. Thank you Reiki Energy for choosing me….

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Shubhada Kumbhar

Shubhada Kumbhar

After having worked in corporate sector for more than 10 years, Shubhada took up spirituality as a full time career and quit her job. Shubhada Kumbhar is a Reiki Usui Master, Violet flame practitioner, Self Hypnotist, Angel and Tarot Card Reader. She is cofounder of Urja Holistic Healing along with other founders. Shubhada can be reached at +91 9820235783, urjahealer@gmail.com or on Facebook at Urja Healers- Wellness and Joy.

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