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Tulip Passion Reiki

Article by Rekha Khatwani

Alec Summers received this system of Reiki during meditation from spirit after being attuned to Ahara Reiki.

This System includes only 5 symbols which are formed by hands. Tulip Passion Reiki helps to break down barriers either between a couple or that an individual has unconsciously created. It will help you to bring a soul mate into your life or heal your heart so that you can move forward in your life. It also helps you to let go of a relationship that is no longer working.


Tulip Passion Reiki is for healing relationships, honoring marriage, healing the heartbreak after breakup or divorce and for bringing a soul mate into your life.

Tulip Passion Reik

Image by Pezibear

Tulips were originally a wildflower from Persia. In Persia, tulips are intrinsically linked to love and passion. There is a legend concerning a young man called Ferhad who was madly in love with Shirin. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel the same for him and he went into the desert to die of a broken heart. His tears fell onto the sand and turned into tulips. Since then, young men give red tulips to women to show their love.

The Symbols
  1. The Tulip – The Master Symbol
    It also helps to heal broken hearts.
  2. The Triangle
    It helps in healing a relationship that has been damaged by an affair.
  3. Unity
    It is used to create a stronger, eternal bond between a couple and help them show a united front and honour their union.
  4. The Arrowhead
    The Arrowhead is used to help a couple or individual move forward together during difficult times.
  5. Blossoming
    It is used to bring a soul mate into your life and to strengthen the bond between an existing couple.

Note:-This is just a brief introduction to Tulip Passion Reiki. To be able to use it, you need attunement, manual with proper instruction.

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Rekha Khatwani
Rekha Khatwani

Rekha Khatwani has done MBA in Fashion Designing. She quitted these fields after getting the tremendous results of Reiki and decided to follow her life purpose to be a healer. Rekha is Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna® Reiki Master, Karmic Reiki Master, Money Reiki Grandmaster, Divine Light Ascension (DLA) Channel, Tarot and Angel Card Reader, Independent Bach Flower Therapist. She does healing with the help of Angels, Crystals, Prana Violet Healing Wand. Reiki is divine gift to her and she feels very lucky and special to be a Reiki channel.

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  • Amy Laidlaw February 23, 2017, 3:06 pm

    I live in Arizona. How do I get the attunement for the Tulip Passion Reiki and receive the manual and further instruction? Thanks, Amy Laidlaw ~ Balanced Life Solutions ?✨?

  • luckybb886@gmail.com May 26, 2018, 11:18 pm

    Hi, How I get the attunement ?

  • Jesal Desai September 4, 2018, 1:50 pm

    Hi, how can I get attuenment and details

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