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Reiki and Amber

Article by Anamika Mishra

Amber is a fossilized sap/resin, generally found in yellow-goldenish hue, ranging from pale yellow to dark orange colour, but can be found in the shades of milky-white, red-orange, green, black and rarely in violet colour. Amber is a beautiful and useful stone (resin) that can be used by healers in a multifarious ways. It becomes all the more effective when infused with Universal Life Force Energy.

Before using any stone or crystal it is a must to cleanse it, which can be done by soaking it overnight in salt water(not all the crystals), using symbols and /or incense or with the help of Archangels. And then to draw greater benefits infuse the stone with Reiki energy and symbols. Use HSZSN, SHK ,CKR and if you are attuned to the Master symbol, then use it as well. Your intuition serves as the best guide as far as usage of symbols are concerned. Gem elixir can be made by putting Amber in a jug/glass of water. Set your intention. Draw Reiki symbols as you are guided and let it be for a minimum of 4 hours.

I feel that Amber is an all purpose stone just like Amethyst. It heals at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Amber is believed to open and clear all the chakras specially Sacral Chakra. It is one of the most powerful and sought after stone for Solar Plexus; if used can give a boost to will power, confidence, creativity and self respect. It helps in the removal of self imposed restrictions and imparts a positive attitude that is fuelled by self confidence.

Amber invigorates the intellect, improves memory and increases mental clarity, thereby aids in making the correct choice.


Image by douvelos

Do you want abundance and prosperity? Charge amber with Reiki and place it in your cash box or you can write an intention slip (specifying the area in which you want abundance and prosperity) and place the stone on the slip. It helps in manifestation of ideas into reality.

Amber promotes good luck and success as well. It helps to attract love; also considered as a good luck charm both for marriage and love.

Amber helps in cell regeneration. Place it on the Solar Plexus, if you are suffering from any discomfort around the stomach region with gall bladder, spleen, kidney, liver or digestive disorder. It is good as a pain removal stone, so charge amber with Reiki and place it around the stomach area. It is helpful for those who suffer from headache, ears and /or hearing problem, fever and sore throat. Use amber for diverse bone –related problems, arthritis and even in rheumatism. It alleviates teething problems in infants! (Consult doctors as well)

One of the striking aspect of Amber is that it is calming and energising at the same time. Amazed! It is believed that Amber enables a human body to heal itself by transmuting negative into positive energies; has the same effect on thought. It is a gift of Mother Nature to us “modern beings” who suffer from mental fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression, as it aids in healing stress, clears and eliminates anxiety, fear, phobias and depression. It has a calming effect on the Central Nervous System.

Amber serves as a tool of protection. It protects us from any kind of negativity and even psychic attack. It also protects us from harmful radiation of electronic devices.

Last but not the least Amber promotes spirituality by linking us to our spiritual self and cosmic energy. It enhances clairsentience.

Friends, have an Ambery day! Divine Blessing!
Love and Light! Namaste

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Anamika Mishra
Anamika Mishra

Anamika Mishra has been a teacher of English. She has done her Masters in English and M.Phil. in Education. She has been accredited by the WMA and American Council of Holistic Healers. She is a certified Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue. Anamika is a Usui Reiki Grandmaster, Angelic and Crystal Therapist and Trainer, Tarot and Angel Cards Reader, Lama Fera Teacher and Healer, Yogmaya Teacher and Healer and Akashic Records Reader and Trainer. She also teaches Crystal Ball Gazing and Automatic Writing. Anamika Mishra is also a certified Life Optimization Coach. Her mission is to make people self-reliant, realize one’s own divinity and power and live a life filled with peace contentment and happiness. Feel free to connect to her at spiritualcafe111@gmail.com. For more information visit her website www.spiritualcafe111.com.

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