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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #23: What Might Have Caused Anxiety or Claustrophobia for my Clients?

Anxiety and Claustrophobia

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Question by Kathy:

Recently, a couple of my clients that I was working on stated that, while I was working on them, they all of a sudden had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety or claustrophobia and almost wanted to get off the table.

What do you think might have caused that, or that feeling or that sensation they might have had? They didn’t tell me that until after I was finished doing Reiki on them.

Thank you.

Answer by Darshan.S:

Hi Kathy,

Firstly, that’s a very good question that you have asked. For you to understand why this is happening, and why these feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia come up, just think of doing Reiki on someone, like a mental or emotional house cleaning that you do.

A lot of times, people suppress a number of emotions and keep them locked up inside the mental closet without really addressing them. So, whenever you do Reiki on them, these emotions are ready to jump out of the closet and be addressed.

It is really important if such emotions come up during the healing that you tell your client to find the source of these emotions and address them, because they will continue to affect his or her energetic space – unless they actually deal with it.

Hope this helps.
Thank you.

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