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Ask Reiki Rays Podcast #11: What Might Have Caused Anxiety or Claustrophobia for my Clients?

Anxiety or Claustrophobia

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Question by Kathy:

Recently, a couple of my clients that I was working on stated that, while I was working on them, they all of a sudden had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety or claustrophobia and almost wanted to get off the table.

What do you think might have caused that, or that feeling or that sensation they might have had? They didn’t tell me that until after I was finished doing Reiki on them.

Thank you.

Answer by Kathi Rancourt:

Namastè, Kathy!

The situations you’re describing are actually quite common during a Reiki session.

Sometimes, a client may start crying for no reason at all, or suddenly be filled with dread and fear. It isn’t an uncommon occurrence during a healing Reiki session. It’s particularly common now, during this current time on Earth ~ The Golden Age ~ so to speak, when we’re all in an accelerated period of shifting and transmuting misaligned energies within our own individual energetic fields.

Before I do Reiki, I let my client know that they might experience overwhelming emotions of any type during the session. I also let them know that they might experience intense heat, cold, or any other sensation, strong or subtle, during or even 24 to 72 hours following the session.

It’s important to let our clients know that during a session, healing Reiki energy goes where it needs to go, and sometimes releases stuck energy from deep within the meridians of the body. The process can be likened to how acupressure, during a Shiatsu session, releases blockages from the Meridians, thus allowing Chi to flow more freely. When some of the stuck energy is released in a Reiki session, it can bring up feelings of intense angst and fear, thus leading to feelings of claustrophobia at times.

As long as we inform a client prior to a session that they may experience these things during their session, if it happens it won’t scare them so much as to cause them to want to get up off the table and run. Then, after the session, they can openly discuss their experiences with us. I like to inform a potential client also that within 24 to 72 hours after a session they may also experience flu-like symptoms, and perhaps have vivid and disturbing dreams or nightmares. These instances, too, are common and not abnormal at all. These are some in which our bodies and psyches purge the stuck misaligned energy that has been festering within our energy fields (and our cellular memories) over the course of this Lifetime, and other lifetimes, as well.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to answer your question, Kathy. I’m sending you Divine Reiki blessings today and always.

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