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Who Can Benefit from Reiki?

Although Reiki can be defined as “life force energy”, really it can be applied to every living being and to every non living object.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

It can be given to any incident of the past or any event of future. In other words, we can only say that Reiki’s benefits are infinite. Before starting a healing session, a healer always thanks the universe (unless they forget to, that is :D). This is done because the energy is formed from the positive elements of the universe and this why it can be applied to any and every thing that ever existed or will ever exist in the universe.

Image by jmurawski

Time and space have no meaning when it comes to the usage of this divine energy for healing. The most difficult situations in life can be easily resolved smoothly with the help of Reiki healing sessions. It is an intelligent energy that knows how issues can be resolved.

So, issues, people, things and events of any type can benefit from the divine healing powers of Reiki.

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