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Top 5 Reasons why Reiki and Quantum Therapy Do Not Work

Article by Angela Simpkiss

Top 5 Reasons why Reiki Does Not Work focuses on Reiki alone. It is a very good post however; I have edited this article to include Quantum Therapy as well as Reiki purely because I practice both these modalities and wanted to adjust the wording, so that this article more effectively relate to both.

Every energy healer, complementary therapist and holistic practitioner who’s been into their particular profession for a while knows that it does work. Some people though fail to get great results, and conclude that it doesn’t work.

There are a few things which could cause therapy to “not work”, and people who don’t get the expected results are most likely doing or having at least one of the following. There are of course other factors too, but these are most common.

5. Silver bullet mentality

On the fifth place we have the Silver Bullet mentality. Some people expect holistic/complementary therapies to just kick in and solve all their problems for them. That is not usually what happens.

No matter what the therapy; Reiki, EFT, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Quantum healing and so on, they are not silver bullets and they don’t work that way. Therapy works in a manner that, with regular sessions, it will help you see your problems, and it will show you a way to solve them, or many times teach you to just let go of them – but in the end it will be you solving your own issues.

4. Impatience

Many people have unreasonable expectations and for some reason believe that complementary therapies work like a magic pill that you just take and you’re fixed. There is unfortunately no such pill, and these pill seekers won’t find it in Quantum healing, Reiki, etc., nor will they find it anywhere else, for such pill does not exist.

Therapies such as Reiki and Quantum Healing take time, and its practice is very much like growing children. Parents will definitely agree with this one. Just like when feeding children, you’ll surround your daily practice with love. Just like time spent with your kids, the sessions are something practitioners enjoy and look forward to.

If someone said to you, “hey, I’ve been feeding and taking care of my new-born for 3 whole days now, when is he going to grow up?“, you’d probably burst into laughter, thinking “what a good joke”.

Reiki and Quantum living/Healing is a way of life. Just like kids growing, little difference (if any) can be noticed from one day to the next. But when looking back at months and years of practice, the changes incurred are very obvious and profound.

3. Lack of practice

The “bronze medal” in this top is taken by the lack of practice.

Just like any other “craft”, the more you do it, the more experienced you become. The performance of an athlete who trains every day will be very different from the performance of an athlete who trains once a week.

2. Approach

With reason #2, things start getting more subtle.

Reiki and Quantum living/healing is a journey, not a destination. It should be approached as an exploration, as an expedition to discover new territory, new things, that will come in time; not with over-excitement, but with tranquillity, joy, and a smile. In fact, it never ends. It’s a continuous, transformational journey, filled with growth experiences and great learnings. It’s a peaceful journey, and it starts with the certainty that life is already great, and it can only get better.

There is always something new to learn and to experience, and just when you thought you’ve reached the destination, the path to the next stage becomes clearer. The wise practitioner approaches Reiki and Quantum living/healing as a journey, not as a destination.

1. Attachment to the outcome

This is probably the number 1 reason why Practitioners and clients alike, assume that Reiki and/or Quantum therapy does “not work”, and it’s even more subtle and difficult to “self-diagnose” than number 2.

Especially when new to the practice, people tend to channel their thoughts and energy towards a specific outcome, instead of the whole or specific situation; for example, you might channel all your thoughts and energy into the intention of succeeding in a specific job interview, instead of focusing energy and intention to the entire situation whilst being open to any outcome that serves the highest good of all involved. Attachment to outcome will simply negate the effect. It will strengthen the attachment, creating a “clingy” feeling, which will in turn create resistance and stress.

When practicing Reiki or Quantum healing (or indeed any other therapy), detach yourself from any outcomes. Resist nothing and be open to anything and everything. Trust that Reiki is an intelligent energy and Quantum therapy follows natural laws of the universe so operate in a manner that serves your highest good. It may be that not getting through that job interview is a prerequisite to your discovering that you can contribute in a better, different way; or perhaps you will succeed in the interview and do great in the job. The key is to just be open to both outcomes and to all other outcomes. Perhaps you’ll be offered a position at that particular company, just not the one you’re thinking about – maybe a better paid one or a position that offers more opportunities to progress. The possibilities are infinite, and we can only appreciate the abundance of opportunities we see at every step we take.

So don’t cling to any specific outcomes when practicing Reiki and/or Quantum healing. Instead, aim for a feeling of flow, of harmony, of openness, trust and authenticity and know that everything is as it should be and that with right action, without trying to force anything, only good can come out of it – even if you or your client doesn’t know it yet!

Being and acting in tune with the ‘infinite’ informs the universe to respond in kind; Reiki is a way of life just as Quantum living is; Reiki and Quantum living produce Reiki and Quantum healing.

Be true to your chosen field of life, your clients will ‘pick-up’ on your authenticity and respond to you more positively with an open mind, because expressing your authentic-self instils trust in others.

What song do you sing?

“I can heal you; you have tried the rest now try the best; I am the best at what I do.”


My role as a Reiki and quantum therapist is to help you recognize your own personal power and to assist you to trigger your own innate healing abilities.

The first statement ignores the important participation of the client – This does not demonstrate an ‘equal therapeutic relationship’. The therapist ‘does’ the healing while the client ‘has healing done to them’.

The second statement actively includes the client in the therapeutic relationship. It allows for the client to take positive action and accountability for their own healing. The therapist instructs and assists the client in a non-judgemental manner in such a way that the client is enabled to ‘come’ into their own power and affect their own healing abilities.

I wish you every success in your journey, whatever path that may be; in love and light, Angela Simpkiss (metaphyzgirl).

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Angie Simpkiss

Angie Simpkiss

Angie Simpkiss (Metaphyzgirl) is a respected and trusted healer/therapist based in the UK. Angie is a Quantum Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Alchemist; also Creator & Founder of the ‘Creative Mind Alchemy’ Programme (not launched yet). She retired early from her position of Psychiatric Nurse/Manager in 2008 (NHS) to focus on her spiritual and healing interests. For many years she has worked as a Psychic/Mystic and always had a great interest in the esoteric arts. These days Angie works more with metaphysical energy, Reiki and Quantum healing. Her role as a Reiki healer, quantum therapist and spiritual alchemist is to help the client recognize their own innate healing abilities and personal power, enabling them to become the architect of their life rather than leaving it to fate to decide an outcome. You can follow her at: http://metaphyzgirl.wordpress.com/, http://facebook.com/Angie.Metaphyzgirlhttp://twitter.com/@metaphyzgirl.

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