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Case Study: Reiki Helps Find True Love

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

This is a soul stirring case of a woman I’ll call Maya and the opening of her heart chakra. It sheds light on the dynamics of romantic relationships and the links they hold to our past. It can inspire us to heal our hearts and to thereby open up to greater love and romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this case and learnt so much myself. I hope you find a blessing in it too ☺

The Case

Maya had been in several romantic relationships at varied points in her life. All her relationships seemed to start off well but with time Maya would experience an emptiness she couldn’t explain. She would end up feeling that her partner was not her ideal match and that there was probably someone more suited to her somewhere. This belief led her to feel an attraction for other men even while she was in stable relationships.

Maya recently did the Master Degree and Reiki brought this pattern into her awareness. She was pretty disturbed when she came in for a healing. I began by doing angel card readings for her. The cards pointed at healing family issues. The reading indicated that she must forgive her parents and her own self too.

Case Study Reiki Helps Find True Love

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Maya then narrated her story. She had grown up in a rather dysfunctional family and her parents had never been happy together. Maya’s mother experienced severe marital dissatisfaction and had an open extra-marital affair to compensate for the emptiness in her life. Maya was sensitive and subconsciously took on her mother’s pain as her own. This appeared to be the root cause of Maya’s feelings of emptiness in her own relationships.

To make matters worse, a fortune teller had predicted that Maya would have several relationships, including extra-marital ones. This had an impact on Maya’s impressionable mind and left her feeling powerless. Years rolled by. Maya moved in and out of several messy relationships and finally landed in a stable marriage. But eventually she began to experience the same feelings of emptiness and felt powerless to change them.

We did some soul searching together and arrived at the reason for the feeling of emptiness in her current relationship. Maya explained that both she and her partner are deeply spiritual. But her partner’s path to spiritual awakening is rather different from hers. She felt that if he were more like her, their relationship would feel more complete.

And she had felt the same way in some of her prior relationships too. Superficial differences between partners became strong enough reasons to stop the flow of love. This is exactly how Maya’s mother had also felt in her own marriage. Every child looks up to the mother and the more sensitive ones tend to adopt the beliefs of their parents without giving much thought to their validity. Later in life, these beliefs present themselves as blocks in the most illogical of ways. So was the case with Maya. In addition, the fortune teller’s prediction had stripped her of the power to make healthy choices. She subconsciously believed that she was destined to be changing relationships all her life.

Meanwhile, I intuitively sensed that Maya was in the midst of a deep heart chakra awakening as is the case with many people who go on to do the Master Degree. She had a lot of love to offer and she was married to a man who she said loved her unconditionally. It seemed like an ideal relationship barring a few differences between the two of them (which is perfectly normal for any relationship). As long as there is mutual respect and space to grow, why should a difference in spiritual orientation create a lack of love? Could Maya learn to appreciate her partner’s views and embrace him for what he was? That was the challenge her heart was presented with.

As far as I could see, the unhealthy patterns from her past were the only blocks standing in the way of love flowing in the relationship.

Thanks to Reiki, she became aware of this pattern before it could collapse another relationship of hers. Thereafter, the angels helped Maya become aware of the fact that in order to heal, she needed to forgive. She needed to forgive her mother for staying in a marriage and simultaneously seeking fulfilment outside. She needed to forgive her parents for the lack of depth in their relationship and for the trauma it had caused her as a child. She also needed to forgive herself for having been vulnerable to their pain and for having gone through several messy relationships as a result.


Maya found it difficult to forgive. So, we used the violet flame to heal. She felt the pain of her past in several parts of her body and I helped her release most of it into the violet flame.

Case Study Reiki Helps Find True Love

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She felt a lot lighter after the session. She needed a couple of more sessions to fully release all feelings of unforgiveness and pain from her energy field. She also needed to cut cords with her mother, father, with all her ex-partners and with the fortune teller too. There were loads of cords extending from her aura and Maya experienced tremendous healing as each cord was cut and transformed into light.

In subsequent readings, the angels gently guided her to open her heart and assured her that it is safe for her to love her partner despite their differences. They helped her understand that love has the power to flow past conditions of any kind. That is after all the essence of true love.

A week later, Maya reported that she felt light and carefree. She is now learning to love her partner unconditionally and this has added more depth to their relationship. She has also detached enough from her childhood to be able to feel compassion for her parents and for their personal pain. She has also chosen to place more faith in her own innate wisdom rather than in fortune tellers. That to me was amazing progress!


Reiki inevitably leads all of us on to the path of healing our hearts. And when the heart chakra begins to open, it pushes us to expand and love beyond boundaries. Difficult as it sounds, we must learn to love and accept people as they are. It certainly does not mean that we must stay put in abusive or toxic relationships. We have every right to move away from toxic people, with the compassionate understanding that they will heal when the time is right. But in the case of normal relationships, we can try to put aside superficial differences and love with an open heart. The Divine has many faces and each face is precious and unique. As long as there is love, nothing else matters.

It sounds strange that we must learn to love. But the truth is that most of us have forgotten how to love. We have a list of criteria that must be fulfilled by our partners before we can love them enough. And it can become an unhealthy pattern to move from relationship to relationship hoping to find something we are conditioned to believe is true love. We will never find it because it is not to be found outside. It is within us and when we are in touch with this love, we experience true love with our partners too.

In Maya’s case, the love was there. All she had to do was love for the sake of love. Reiki and the Angels helped Maya heal her heart and put her on the path to pure unconditional divine love!

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Haripriya Suraj
Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya Suraj is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. She is also deeply connected with the angels, with Angel Healing being an integral part of her Reiki practice. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki and the light of the Angels. Haripriya offers courses in Reiki and Angel Healing as well as distance healing services. She resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya on her blog at lightworkersonearth.com, on email at angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com and on Facebook at Angel Light.

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