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Reiki for the New Year!

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

The New Year is almost here!

How was the year 2014 for you?

No matter how 2014 turned out for all of us, it is drawing to a close now. All of us may have faced some challenges and also received blessings in the year gone by. As we welcome the New Year, we can choose to learn from our challenges and be grateful for our blessings. We can choose to step into 2015 with vibrant energies and create an awesome year for ourselves, our loved ones and the world.

Dear Friends, let us gear up to release negative old energies and invite fresh new energies into our lives. Let us invite the New Year with a bang!

Release Negative Patterns

Make a list of all the negative patterns in your life that don’t serve your higher good. Release them and set yourself free.

The list must include physical, mental, emotional and behavioural patterns that come in the way of you leading life at your highest potential. It could include things like:

  1.  Persistent Anger
  2.  Egoistic Tendencies
  3.  Tendency to procrastinate
  4.  Laziness to exercise
  5.  Feelings of unworthiness
  6.  Desire for revenge
  7.  Lack of will power
  8.  Laziness to practise Reiki
  9.  Rigidity and perfectionist tendencies
  10.  Need to be in control
  11.  Feelings of lack and limitation

This is just an example. You will need to make your own personalised list and include things that you wish to release.

Once you make your list, read the list and say aloud,

“I now release all these patterns into the Universe where they are transformed into love and light. Thank you Universe”

Burn the piece of paper or discard it in any other way that you like. Watch as the paper crumbles into pieces, thereby releasing all traces of negativity from your life. Take a deep breath and enjoy the freedom that is yours!

Don’t worry if you are not able to release the baggage all at once. Do the exercise anyway. Just by doing this exercise, you demonstrate a willingness to heal and that is the first and most important step you can take.

Reiki Box – Invite Fresh Energy

If you work with a Reiki box, this is the right time for you to clear it up. Review the goals that you’ve put into your Reiki box. Discard everything that has manifested already. Also discard goals that don’t resonate with you anymore. Clean your box and charge it with Reiki.

On tiny pieces of paper, write down all the positive things that you see yourself experiencing in the New Year. Include your new goals and desires. Include positive physical, mental, emotional and behavioural patterns that will help you lead a more empowered life. Put them into your Reiki box. Don’t worry about how these desires will manifest. Allow your imagination to run wild and put down all your heartfelt desires on paper. Nothing is impossible!

And you’re all set to take on the coming year with vibrant new energy!

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a joyous New Year full of love, grace, peace and a shower of Reiki blessings!

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Haripriya Suraj
Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya Suraj is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer and Starseed Lightworker. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. She is deeply connected with the Stars and Angels and they form an integral part of her Reiki practice. Her core mission is to help bridge the worlds of Spirit and Science and to help Lightworkers connect with their unique soul missions. Haripriya offers Personalised Starseed Transmissions, apart from workshops in Reiki and Angel Healing. She resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at lightworkersonearth.com, empoweredmedicine-hospitaldiaries.com on email at angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com and on Facebook at Angel Light.

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  • shweta December 31, 2014, 7:24 am

    It’s a great idea to say bye to this year and welcome new year…

    • Haripriya January 1, 2015, 12:12 pm

      Absolutely Shweta. Blessings!

  • Sheri December 31, 2014, 10:40 pm

    Thank you so much for this! I just cleared out the old and set up my new intentions for 2015! Blessings to you!

    • Haripriya January 1, 2015, 12:13 pm

      Thank you Sheri. Love and Light!

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