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Radiance Technique in Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese natural healing technique which was founded by Dr Mikao Usui at the end of 19th century. The word Reiki was coined from two Japanese words: Rei, meaning “universal” and Kei, meaning “life force energy” which defines the nature of energy that this technique produces. This Reiki energy when flows into a person’s body produces pronounced health effects on all levels: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.

Today Reiki is being practiced in many different forms/styles and one such style is Radiance Technique that is known as the authentic Reiki taught by Mrs. Hawayo Takata to Barbara Weber Ray.

History of Radiance Technique:

Dr. Usui treated and trained many people but only some of them were trained to all the seven levels of Reiki. Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, a retired medical doctor, was one of those few trained people and after being completely trained in the entire seven levels system, he started Reiki clinic in Tokyo.

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At his clinic he treated many people and one of the patients was Hawayo Takata, who after recovering from her illness learnt all seven levels of the Reiki system. Then in 1938, she moved back to her city, Hawaii, where she healed and taught Reiki to lots of people but only twenty two of her students were actually trained in this healing system and out of these twenty two teachers only one achieved the honor of being trained in entire seven levels system. That trained teacher was Barbara Weber Ray, who was successfully trained in all seven levels by 1979 and claimed to be the successor of Takata.

Barbara Ray called this seven levels system of Reiki as “The Radiance Technique” to highlight the distinction her practice has from the other twenty one teachers who did not receive the complete training.

Radiance Technique:

The radiance technique is one of the registered terms that Barbara Ray decided to name the seven level system she was taught by Takata in order to protect the authentic Reiki technique because after 1979, use of the word Reiki has become so generalized that it is often used in incorrect way by many people for their personal healing methods that are nowhere near to this Japanese healing method. So, Radiance Technique implies to the cosmic energy science that was founded by Dr. Usui and it also claims to be the only correct form of Reiki in existence.

Though it has some similarity in style with Usui, and Raku Kei but it is comprised of seven degrees rather than the traditional three degrees. The attunement process is also quite different from other styles, but has some similarity to attunements taught in one branch of Seichim. It includes additional methods and symbols that provide the person practicing them with great health benefits.

The application of Radiance Technique or authentic Reiki does not require physical touch. After advanced degree, it can be applied without even being physically present. Furthermore, Barbara Ray claims that this technique itself is not a medical or alternative technique but it can be combined with any medical technique to enhance safety and effectiveness as it produces wellness and balance in all aspects of life.

Hence, we can say that goal of Radiance Technique is to protect the healing system which Barbara believe as the authentic and pure form of Reiki.

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  • madhusudanarao March 14, 2013, 6:08 pm

    I am very much impressed by the article on ‘radiance technic’ of reiki essayed above, which was founded by USUI. Iheard about it but not having knowledge where to approach to learn this,particularly, which was founded by Barbar Ray.I dont know how much time will be required to pass out all the ‘Seven’ degrees in it !
    I am not a medical practitioner of any therapy, but want to learn and heal friends and people (not for monetary gain.) . Rest in next message.
    Thanking you,
    sincerely yours,
    Madhusudhan Rao Tadinada .

  • Boris Pecigoš April 28, 2016, 2:22 pm

    “So, Radiance Technique implies to the cosmic energy science that was founded by Dr. Usui and it also claims to be the only correct form of Reiki in existence.” That is simply not the truth! Now we know that both Barbara Weber Ray and Phyllis Furumoto fabricated their stories to meet their personal goals. Also, new discoveries about history of Reiki, and especially about Japan lineage, reveal that there is much more to Reiki than said by both those, unfortunatelly ego-driven individuals.

  • Peter S. March 10, 2020, 3:04 pm

    Hi :

    Would you have information about any student of Diane Stein ? Diane Stein wrote in her book ” Essential Reiki ” that when a student requests a quick Out of Body Experience, Diane draws the Symbol ” RAKU ” from feet to Universe, and the Soul/Spirit of the student exits the student’s physical body and stays around the ceiling.

    I need to learn this technique which is similar to ” Soul Retrieval ” what my mother a healer did, because I want to learn how to perform this type of Out Of Body Experience on Reiki clients, to cleanse the physical body then BRING THEM BACK to their physical bodies, as I believe Buddhists perform.


    P. S.

  • Peter S. March 10, 2020, 3:07 pm

    Hi :

    Diane Stein refused to teach me this technique because SHE DOESN’T TEACH MEN, she teaches only women. But she told me that any of her students would do it for me.

    So, I need to find any Diane’s student in U.S.A.

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