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Distance Doesn’t Matter for Reiki Masters

Yes, it is true!

For a Reiki master, distance doesn’t matter to heal someone and to transfer energy. Even distance Reiki attunements are possible, and quite effective too. Most practitioners learn healing in the level 1 and level 2 classes. There are number of different techniques used for distance healing including the use of symbols and crystals. But it is not always necessary to use symbols for distant healing.

Misconceptions about Distance Healing

There are many misconceptions and misunderstanding among people and even among few Reiki practitioners about distance Reiki healing.

Is it necessary to use Reiki symbols?

Most Reiki masters use symbol of connection for distance healing that normally serves to create focus, but most also agree that distance healing can still work without using any type of symbol.


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Is it necessary to use picture of a receiver?

In past, it was taught by some Reiki Masters that you need a picture of a receiver for distance healing, but modern teachers consider it nothing but a tool for good focus. Distance healing can work perfectly even if you don’t have any picture of the receiver. What is important is to somehow be able to link to the energy signature of the receiver – and a picture is not needed. Knowing a few details about the situation and intending for the energy to go to that particular person will suffice.

You can for example say “I intend the healing energy to go to the person mentioned in this email and help them about the specific situation they desire help with, for the highest good of all involved.”

Does hands-on Reiki and distance Reiki healing have same effects?

Yes, they both are equally effective. As in hands-on Reiki, it is not necessary to focus continually on the receiver for flow of energy; same is the case with distance healing.

Is it necessary to ask for permission before sending Reiki healing to someone?

No, it is not but it is preferred. Many Reiki Masters send distance healing to the victims of a disaster or an unfortunate event, without asking them. Even though, many books put emphasis on asking permission before sending healing, but it is more about ethics, not about law related to Reiki.

In lack of permission, or possibility to get a permission, one best practice is to send energy “should the receiver’s higher self accept it.”

Basics of Distance Reiki Healing

There is nothing difficult in distance healing for a Reiki Master. All you need is to sit quietly and focus to transfer energy. Most practitioners use a surrogate to enhance their focus like a teddy bear. If it is difficult to find a place to sit quietly, just write a name of the receiver on a card or a paper and try to transfer the energy holding that card or paper, even when you are busy in talking to someone. It is perfectly normal for a good Reiki Master to transfer energy while talking or doing any other activity.

Some Masters also practice sending energy using distance healing to the gatherings before public meeting or a group discussion. This helps them in creating harmony among participants and creates flow of positive energy.

Distance healing is not only effective for humans, but it can also be useful for sending energy to plants, animals and even non living things, like your home, office or even to a vehicle. Reiki distance healing can be utilized to send energy to any past or future event, like exams or a scheduled interview.

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  • Anjani February 19, 2013, 5:45 pm

    I realized after reading this post that just the intention to heal and the attitude of gratitude is enough for healing to take place. No need to picture the recipients or the symbols although picturing might help in focusing.

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