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Effects of Reiki on Children

There are many people who believe that Reiki is only for adults. However, the fact is that Reiki is for everyone: infants, toddlers, teenagers, young people, elderly, plants, animals and almost every living thing. In this stressful era, many parents are learning the use and implementation of Reiki to help their children to focus, relax and recover from any sort of problems in their life.

Reiki and Infants

We will start describing about Reiki and little babies. These days, short term Reiki sessions are introduced in ICUs of hospitals for the children under supervision of machines and ventilators. Reiki can help these little patients to get relaxation to become better from the stressful condition. Reiki can also help to soothe fuzzy babies having colic issues or anything else. It is always preferable to do Reiki on the area where baby has received shots.

It can be done easily on babies by holding them or letting it flow on the required area. It is also possible to induce the energy into baby’s blanket, pillow or toy and these will channelize energy to the baby during their sleep. Some practitioners think that Reiki energy can be given to babies for maximum 10 minutes duration and it can help babies to get better. Reiki can even help mothers of newly born children to handle the stresses and hormonal fluctuations.

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Reiki for Toddlers

Reiki for toddlers and school going children can help in making their memory sharp and focused. They can also get healed bruises and serious conditions, like cracked bones or sicknesses. Children usually get best impacts of Reiki on their body. They don’t think much about getting outcomes of Reiki and their innocence can allow energy to flow quickly. Just 10 minutes a day for them can get them relieved from any issues they face. They will become less hyper and their energy will be controlled in a better way. You can make your kid sit on your lap or on a chair, and engage them in some activity. The child will be busy in reading book or doing some activity and in the meanwhile, you can do a session with them. The use of video or audio is optional. Children may get immediate results and discuss about their mind or body state during their session. They might also see colors around their body.

Reiki for Children

Reiki can be beneficial for kids and even teenagers. It helps in dealing with stresses of body and mind. They should have a balanced body and find easiness for taking any sort of tests or activities. Reiki can help in energy balancing and calming emotions stuck in depression or anxiety state. Some children are willing to receive Reiki and others might not show any interest in it. The teenagers having no excitement about any Reiki session can do something else, while Reiki Master passes positive vibrations to them.

Reiki is carried on for children throughout the world. Surveys depict that these are mainly carried on for kids aging 7-14 and have a short duration. Reiki can be learned by kids and they can get level 1 attunement to practice energy channelization on their own. They can develop interest in Reiki and even let their age mates know about the positive impacts they get due to Reiki. Children interested in Reiki can get view of auras, light or colors sooner than others. The sensation of heat or cold is also felt by some children. The feedback of children is honest and heartwarming. Reiki is a kind of hug lasting for a lifetime on a person. Reiki can provide several benefits for children, mainly for the ones having different challenges. Reiki can reduce pains, promote healing and reduce any side effects of the treatments going on in a person. Reiki gives a loving therapy and responds a person with smile.

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  • Alee January 16, 2013, 5:02 pm

    So true all three of my children grew up with Reiki, it always helped with physical and emotional issues in all stages of life. Each of them learned Reiki at a young age ….and all had their 1st attunement between 6 and 7…my girls still practice and use it more than ever and they are 26 and 22, my son was such a sensitive little boy with energy, now at 16 he doesn’t use it as much as his sisters, but it is a life long tool that can always help and is always there when needed. Great article !

  • Jodie November 5, 2013, 11:45 pm

    I got my Reiki 1 attunement and fell pregnant the same day. I received my Reiki 2 attunement when I was pregnant also. Haven’t had our “Reiki baby” as we call her yet, but she loves it when I do Reiki sessions! She kicks and gets all excited. My children love Reiki, and it helps to calm them down as they can be quite hyperactive. I think it’s also helped with their concentration. I’ve done Reiki on a friend of mine who was pregnant, and every time I placed my hands anywhere near her baby, he was kicking and getting really excited also, very funny and cute to watch 🙂

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