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Reiki with Teenagers - A Wonderful Experience!

I have been giving Reiki since 2015. Every session has been a new and unique experience for me. I have worked with women of all ages, with men, with babies and toddlers, with pregnant women, with pets. Undoubtedly, I was practicing self-Reiki during my pregnancy for 9 months and on our precious gem since the […] Read more

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Correction of Bad Habits of a Teenager

Reiki healing is a magical remedy for all the negative energy and a strong boost to all the positive energy. Reiki healing is such an alternative method of curing all the problems related to physical, financial, emotional social and psychological, that directly and indirectly, it makes the way to remove all the difficulties of life […] Read more


Reiki for Teenagers

Being a teen is not easy as it involves lots of stresses and anxieties due to raging of hormones in the body. The relationship with parents and siblings become a sort of different and everyone seems to be demanding from them. It is actually tough for teenagers to deal with this condition as they get […] Read more

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