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Reiki with Teenagers – A Wonderful Experience!

Article by Mireille Hammal

I have been giving Reiki since 2015. Every session has been a new and unique experience for me. I have worked with women of all ages, with men, with babies and toddlers, with pregnant women, with pets. Undoubtedly, I was practicing self-Reiki during my pregnancy for 9 months and on our precious gem since the day she was born. All of those experiences were wonderful and with every session I learned something new about energy, about life, about the marvelous creator and I do feel so grateful for those wonderful encounters. However, one of the sessions that has really kept me thinking a lot lately, was a session I gave to a teenager.

It might seem to many that it is really hard to communicate with teenagers and their attention won’t be focused on Reiki as long as they are being taken by other interests.

Nonetheless, after a beautiful session given to a 12 year old girl recently, I found out that Reiki can be a wonderful tool for teenagers helping them rooting themselves and accepting the huge transformation they are passing through with less tension and better communication with themselves and their surroundings.

We tend to often blame and judge teenagers for not being obedient, for being distracted, for trying to prove themselves all the time, for being rebellious and involving themselves into random and risky situations. But didn’t we all pass through this? Didn’t we all have this adolescence crisis where we just wanted to prove we know better what’s the best for us?

Of course we did.

Of course we have all witnessed this existential crisis and you know what? This is perfectly normal. Why? Because it is not easy for kids who used to play with a doll or any other toy to wake up out of sudden amidst all kinds of transformations in all areas of their life and just remain calm.

It takes time for a teenager to accept that this doll or that toy is not for his/her age anymore and they need to start having new interests, to accept their bodies’ metamorphosis, their hormonal fluxes without arguing.

Reiki with Teenagers - A Wonderful Experience!

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It can be really frustrating!

They have the total right to argue, to ask questions, to refuse, to object, to have their own opinion on different matters. They are passing through this stage where they do not really know how to make the balance of not being a child anymore and not even an adult yet.

Reiki can be the amazing tool to help them reach this balance by aligning all their chakras.

Reiki can be the real anchor they need for their Root Chakra with all the hormonal burst they are going through. It will help them grounding themselves and accepting this stage without feeling insecure.

Reiki can help them accepting their bodies growth and their sexuality by balancing their Sacral Chakra, by teaching them how to draw boundaries and to respect their intimacy without the need to be exposed or embarrassed just to follow the peer pressure wave of experiencing a loud sexual life in order to prove themselves and/or to release all the hormonal pressure their body is witnessing.

Reiki can help them empowering their self-esteem and boosting their will power by balancing their Solar Plexus Chakra. They will learn how to stand in their own light, how to be themselves and most important how to express their emotions and concerns without the need to keep repressing them in their gut.

Reiki can help them creating harmony and empowering their ability to give and receive by balancing their Heart Chakra. It will teach them how to be loving, forgiving, compassionate, non-judgemental. And don’t we really need to plant those seeds in the future generation hearts so they may add more love and compassion to this world?

Reiki can be this beautiful non invasive and peaceful tool allowing them to balance their Throat Chakra by learning how to express themselves, how to communicate at ease, how to speak their truth, how to feel heard and above all how to protect this chakra by refusing and stopping any verbal abused directed toward them.

Reiki can be this sweet hug for their soul by balancing their Third Eye Chakra and encouraging them to cultivate their intuition, to listen to their inner voice and to learn that they have all answers within.

Reiki can be the greatest gift for their spiritual life by balancing their Crown Chakra and teaching them that they are always taken care of, they can always return to the Divine to be guided and from a young age, they can start learning that the universe has their back.

To that extent Reiki can do wonders with teenagers paving the way for them to enhance their self-confidence and empower their abilities through authentic tools and ethical values allowing them to remain well connected, to be at peace with themselves and to learn how to interact with everything happening around them in their life and in this world as well.

Some parents might feel a bit worried regarding all what Reiki can offer to a teenager assuming that this might be overwhelming.

To be honest, nothing can be more overwhelming than the amount of emotions they may feel everyday in respect to all the adolescence period changes without any support. Nothing will overwhelm them except the constant pressure of their parents trying, by all means, to make them obedient souls and to deprive them from their rights to express a different opinion. Overwhelming is the peer pressure forcing them to be a different version of who they really are just to feel accepted. Overwhelming is the bullying they can be subject to because they don’t fit the image of their peers influenced negatively by the media and the social media.

Reiki won’t ever overwhelm a teenager. With all its smart and beautiful energy of love, it will know definitely where to go to help any teenager to find his/her way home.

Parents do have a great role preparing all kids to this transformative period of their life through constructive and positive communication without engraining any kind of useless limiting beliefs obstructing their normal growth emotionally and psychologically.

Reiki can be an additive tool, helping parents and teenagers passing through this stage with love and harmony.

Working through Reiki with that beautiful teenager who was so receptive and willing to understand her worries and concerns through all the questions she was asking, made me think deeply of the importance of introducing Reiki as a wonderful mindful technique to schools where teenagers can learn peacefully how to reconnect to themselves.

I ended my session saluting the awareness of the brave mom who decided to bring her daughter to discover Reiki in an attempt to lessen the impact of the changes she was facing and therefore to tame her insecurities instead of masking them or escaping them.

I ended my session expressing gratitude to Reiki and to the Divine guidance assisting me understanding deeper and deeper the struggles of every teenager. As parents, teachers and light workers, we are truly asked to embrace our teenagers by allowing them to be and guiding them with love and compassion, not with oppression and judgments.

Reiki with Teenagers - A Wonderful Experience!

Image by Greyerbaby

Every teenager has a story he/she came to this life to write. Why don’t we offer them the ink they need through the Reiki abundant flow? Why don’t we suggest such a wonderful healing technique by leaving them the total free will to choose according to their own readiness?

Because Reiki is love and love is healing, let’s choose to deal with our teenagers with a loving perspective and offer them this option without forcing them but by allowing them to learn more about this healing modality and to know about it from a professional Reiki Practitioner/Master so they may have the free will to choose for themselves.

When I receive the young lady and talked with her about her challenges in this time of her journey, I explained to her all about chakras and Reiki with the exact right terms suitable to her knowledge and age. I gave her example of her own daily life, so she was able to relate more and to understand how her chakras work and how Reiki helps balancing them. When I offered her all necessary info, I gave her the choice to decide if she wishes to lay down on the Reiki table and to receive the healing. We did not force her to do that, we respected her free will and when she opted for it, she was so receptive and extremely happy.

We offered her a hug for her soul and she was so delighted to accept it.

Today, let’s choose to offer our teenagers the real time and support they deserve, the hugs they need and to dedicate more time to listen to their worries, concerns, questions and let’s teach them how they can always have the choice to overcome any challenge by taking responsibility of their own actions and choices. Let’s let them know that we have always their back, and there is always a loving way to solve all situations in life and Reiki is one of those wonderful ways.

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Mireillee Hammal

Mireille Hammal

Mireille Hammal Kassir is a Reiki Master, Practitioner, Teacher, and Writer. Her career path is about Healing, Coaching and Empowering. Believing that life is meant to be beautiful, abundant and rewarding in all areas, she facilitates empowering workshops for moms, parents, men, women, and children providing them tools to start believing in themselves as creative beings able to shine, to create and to achieve whatever they wish to accomplish in their life journey. The variety of the workshops she give helps people of all ages re-mapping their life and creating a new belief trusting that it’s never too late to follow their dreams, to bring their talents to light, to change, to release and let go of what does not serve their body and their soul anymore.
Mireille can be reached via her e-mail address Mireillee.hammall@gmail.com and can be followed on her Blog at owlaboutlife.wordpress.com, on Facebook at Mireille Hammal and on Instagram at Mireille_Hammall.

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  • Justine March 17, 2019, 10:39 pm

    Can we give distant Reiki to the Teenage’s instead the hands on Reiki?

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