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Student life is considered by many as the best period of one’s lifetime. Every student goes through the hassle of learning, memorizing and study pressure and this situation really boosts up in the season of examination. For students, exams mean period of long hours, bloodshot eyes, unwashed hair and late-night panics. This anxious and stressful […] Read more


Reiki refers to the popular stress reduction technique as well as relaxation method that originated from Japan. Reiki literally means “God’s wisdom” and “life force energy” because the process of Reiki is more of a spiritual healing process. In other words, it means relying on a higher power to acquire higher life force energy to […] Read more


Reiki is said to be a good technique for a person’s health and well-being as well as for a person’s budget. Reiki is of Japanese origin and the process of Reiki involves laying hands on the patient while he or she lies down fully clothed. The concept of the Reiki technique is to transfer life […] Read more