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Dropping the Stigma

Dropping the Stigma

I live and work in a community that is densely populated. The majority of people who live in my community are of Latin origin or descent. Everyone who is Latin or of Latin descent has at least heard of different spiritual practices including what they would consider the dark arts or witchcraft. In my personal […] Read more

Reiki, Heart Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

Reiki brings bliss in life and keeps the body free of diseases; and unites self with the Supreme Soul. Reiki educates us how to invest love, time and energy on things that someone wants with long-lasting results. In awareness, beauty elevates that brings real joys. Being aware of your mind and aware of what is […] Read more

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Reiki The Gateway Drug

Is Reiki a gateway drug? First off, you’re probably saying, “What the heck is Reiki? I’ve never heard of this drug. Where can I get my hands on it? Is it another CIA plot to use explosive cigars to assassinate a benevolent dictator, if there is such a thing?” Well, maybe not the CIA part, […] Read more

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Why Did Reiki Come to Your Life?

Why did Reiki come to your life

Well, this is a question many of you are searching. I too was searching, and I have asked this to my all masters from whom I learned something related to spirituality which may be Reiki, Pranic healing, Pranayam, Yoga, Tarot or Astrology. I asked everyone the same question, why is this coming to my life? […] Read more


The Importance of Breathe

The importance of breathe

Spirituality arises when ego and super ego disappears; whatever is possible through manifested human efforts is being done for many years beneath austerity. Breath is man’s soul mate. So, need to recognize the true reality of the breath after that one could be able to realize the soul’s ultimate goal with the sublime of universal […] Read more

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