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Reiki for the Skeptical Client

Reiki for the Skeptical Client

Often, people ask me if Reiki works for clients who are totally opposed to the whole idea of Reiki, or those who are skeptical. With a smile on my face, I reply I cannot answer the question about those who are totally opposed, as they would never give me the opportunity to give them Reiki! […] Read More


This is an interesting case of healing that I witnessed. I say interesting because the person who was healed was a skeptic from the medical community. I observed that as long as someone wishes to get better, it does not matter whether or not they believe in the healing power of Reiki. Reiki works provided […] Read More


I have a confession to make. I was a Reiki skeptic. I am the last person anyone would have imagined to discover and embrace the practice of Reiki. I had neither background nor experience in spirituality or healing. Yet, a series of synchronicities propelled me inexorably in that very direction. Looking back, I know there […] Read More


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