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Case Study: Reiki Heals a Skeptic

This is an interesting case of healing that I witnessed. I say interesting because the person who was healed was a skeptic from the medical community. I observed that as long as someone wishes to get better, it does not matter whether or not they believe in the healing power of Reiki. Reiki works provided we are willing to heal. In this case, the person did not harbour any unconscious desire to stay with his ailment. And that opened doors for Reiki to heal him, belief or no belief!

Here are some details of the case –

Name: Adi (Name changed)
Age: 38 years

Condition: Adi’s condition was labeled Chronic Urticaria (Skin Rashes) by a medically certified dermatologist, the cause for which was stated to be an autoimmune dysfunction. In this case, it was a localised condition that most often manifested on one of his wrists.

History: Adi has a family history of skin troubles. He developed this condition when he was well into his medical practice. This condition would erupt every few months and then go away on its own, only to erupt again in a few months. Once the eruption was severe and caused him significant discomfort. Being of a strictly scientific temperament, he was a strong proponent of evidence based medicine (Allopathy). However, allopathy did not offer curative treatment for his particular condition. He just had a couple of ointments that helped with the symptoms.

He also refused to believe that anything that was not evidence based could heal ailments. Since I was well acquainted with him, I offered to do a Reiki healing on him. The good thing was that he was at least open to receiving Reiki healing. He was open to it not because he expected it to heal his condition, but because he believed that Reiki healings are nice and peaceful. So, no harm in getting them done!


Image by Bert Kaufmann

Healing Process

As I scanned his energy field, I sensed that this condition held some stubborn energy patterns, which is the reason it erupted as rashes every few months. For stubborn patterns, I most often use the violet flame along with Reiki as I find that it brings great results.

I did three sessions of violet flame healing on him. In these sessions, I first scooped out the negative energy from his affected wrist. I then followed it up with a full body Reiki treatment, laying particular emphases on the affected area.


During the very first healing session, I noticed the allergy beginning to clear up. It did not clear completely though. But just seeing it clear up a bit assured me that we were right on track.

After three sessions of healing with the Violet Flame and Reiki, the allergy had cleared up to a significant extent. I intuitively knew that it was only a matter of time before it healed completely and informed him that the healing was complete.

Post Healing

I sensed that the root cause of Adi’s ailment was a lack of power. He was convinced that nothing could heal his condition and that the only way for it to heal would be on its own. So, I asked him to write a page of the following affirmation- “I AM powerful.”

I did not even explain why he should do this or what impact it would have. I did not want his logical mind to kick in and interfere with the openness he was otherwise displaying. He agreed to write it.

Soon after this treatment, he experienced a healing crisis. He developed a sore throat, cold and high fever. During this period, I performed Reiki healings on him, just to help his energy stay in balance.

He recovered in about five days time. The rash was slowly beginning to fade. Over the next month, it appeared and disappeared in cycles. I did not do any more healing as I intuitively knew that my job was done and now it was all up to him. A month later, it disappeared completely and has not appeared ever again! It has been a year and a half since this healing took place.

Core Learning for Me as a Healer

As long as someone wants to get better, it does not matter whether they believe in Reiki or not.

This is one of my favourite cases of healing because it happened early on in my practice and also taught me some practical lessons on the principles of energy healing ☺

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  • Maria September 16, 2014, 8:27 am

    This may seem a silly question, but how do you use the Violet Flame. I have only been learning a short time and I’m eager to learn as much as possible.

    • Mary Lee September 17, 2014, 2:45 pm

      I was curious about the Violet Flame too so I tapped on the Violet Flame tag at the bottom of this article. It brought me to a list of three articles, one of which is titled The Power of The Violet Flame in Reiki Healing. That article explains all about it.

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