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The Beauty of Reiki Self Practice

While it is wonderful to receive Reiki through someone else, being able to give yourself a treatment opens up a beautiful opportunity to develop a special relationship with Reiki through daily self care. Once you’ve been attuned to first degree Reiki the focus should be on developing your self practice. A simple way to incorporate […] Read more

Reiki Lisa Rose Truly Living

Article by Lisa Rose Lodeski Blending Reiki with an Intuitive Guidance Session is a natural for me as I was a practicing Intuitive before I was a Reiki Master. So, from the start, offering intuitive guidance as part of a Reiki session was a win-win for me. What I’m talking about here is different than Dr. […] Read more


Use Reiki to Breathe Properly

Use Reiki to Breathe Properly

When the Reiki treatment room is quiet, with only soft background music playing, we often become aware of breathing sounds – both your client’s and your own. Although clients may not conscientiously change the rhythm of their breathing exhalations and inhalations, it is common for clients to match the practitioner’s breathing patterns. When a client […] Read more


Reiki With the Masters

The day I began my Reiki training in the middle of an attunement, a picture flew off the wall at me! What a shock as I opened my eyes. There was a picture of Paramahansa Yogananda! My Reiki master says: ”Look who came in to be with you”. So since that time I have used […] Read more