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Healing Traumatic Incidents

Healing Traumatic Incidents

Daily self-healing starts to improve our energies slowly, but simply this is not enough if we want healing in specific areas of life, such as painful incidents in the past. Our mind and emotions are interconnected. Any emotion we feel reflects in the body through stress in a particular part. When we experience something traumatic […] Read more


Programming Crystals

Programming Crystals

Hello Beautiful Souls! How are you doing today? After my article cleansing of crystals, I have come up with my new article programming of crystals. Though there are beautiful articles on how to program a crystal available, I still thought I will share my method, as it is something which has been quite beneficial for […] Read more

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Nifty Hacks for Lazy practitioners

Hey beautiful souls! How is everyone doing today? I thought today, let the article be a bit different, amidst all the knowledge that you gain every day, let me share some hacks with you all, which may make your life a bit easier when you are pressed of time! 1. Cannot make time for self-healing? Program […] Read more

Stress Management and Holistic Well-Being Techniques

What is Stress? Psychologists define it as a feeling of strain and pressure. But I would define it as the worst factor that causes lagging in our everyday performance and many health issues as well. Stress caused by many factors daily, studies, high expectations, or even something as simple as not having eaten for a […] Read more

Weaning Children Off of Electronic Media

The dangers of letting children use electronic media are numerous. Not only do they make children addicts and prevent children from developing healthy coping patterns, but they also impair creativity, learning ability, and cognitive functioning, desensitize the children to violence and create behavioral problems. Having said all that, I’ve found many parents struggling with weaning […] Read more

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