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sacral chakra

Living Like a Master Creator ~ Archangel Gabriel Speaks

Dearest Beloved Hearts, I send you all my love. I send you the brightest and purest frequencies of orange light straight from the womb of creation. Breathe this light into your own creative centre, your womb space, your sacral chakra. It does not matter if you are incarnated as a man or a woman. Your […] Read more


The Sacral Chakra

Reiki, Sacral Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

The Sanskrit name of Sacral chakra is Swadhisthana chakra. It defines our creativeness, sexuality, sensuality, self-love, happiness, emotional body (feelings and emotions), happiness, pleasures and more… It is known as “seat of all emotions”. Signs of Balanced Sacral chakra – Feel happy and joyous, outgoing, radiates joyous energy, loves life, optimistic, sexually balanced, self-esteemed, emotionally […] Read more


Sacral Chakra Meditation

Sacral Chakra Meditation

The Sanskrit word of Sacral chakra is “Svadhistana” where “sva” means one’s own and “adhisthana” means abode or seat. This chakra governs our physical manifestation, creativity, self-worth, sexual health and our relationship with self as well as others. It also helps to take better decision for our body and motivates us to do the best […] Read more

Reiki Healing - A Natural Therapy to Improve Relationships

Reiki healing is a natural therapy to improve and to strengthen all types of relationships with family and friends for the people of all ages having physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. What is the reason of imbalance in relationships? The imbalance in any type of relationships between two persons is due to the blocked […] Read more


Reiki Is Not for Sissies

Reiki Is Not for Sissies

When I was going through my level 3 Reiki Master training, my teacher would often say, “Reiki is not for sissies.” She warned us that things might come up and that it’s hard to look at the darkness and face things in this way. She mentioned that her former teacher had used this same expression. “Reiki […] Read more

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